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Opie Oils stocks a wide range of competitively priced service/workshop fluids and parts, so no matter if you are doing the service or maintenance yourself or taking fluids and parts to a garage, you could save money! All with the comfort of knowing you are buying high quality products that have been hand picked by the Opie Team.

Servicing your vehicle is crucial if you want to get the maximum efficiency and life span from your engine and components. A normal service interval is every year, with most people preferring to service just before winter, or at 10,000 miles of use (dependent on which comes first). Some car manufacturers are now equipping their vehicles with long life service fluids “LL specification” which increases the time between each service interval, so always check your handbook for required specifications.

As well as servicing, unfortunately, there are times when a bit of maintenance is needed, Here you’ll find Opie Oils range of products that have been hand picked to help you work on your vehicle for a variety of tasks and problems. We have items ranging from common release agents and greases to even heat and chemical resistant oil containers and pumps. If you can’t find what you are looking for within our range then get in touch with our expert team.

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