Opie Oils stocks a large range of car and motorcycle cleaning and detailing solutions, so if you are looking for a car interior or exterior product or motorbike polish or engine cleaner you will find our large range, plus many more, right here.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to find the correct product for your vehicle, but if you are unsure of what product to purchase or you have a unique requirement get in touch with the Opie team.


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Cleaning Basics

Opie Oils isn’t all about high end car detailing; we understand for some jobs you’ll just need the basics like a bucket and sponge.

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Hose Pipe Attachments

Using a hose pipe when washing your car / bike ensures that you get a smear free shine as no left over shampoo or wash is left on the surface of paintwork causing blemishes.However without a flow attachment it can be...

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Shampoo & Wash

Shampoo helps you remove road grime and film by regularly washing your vehicles paintwork with a high quality car shampoo or wash product from Opie Oils. A simple step that can work wonders for the appearance of a...

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Preparation / Clay Bars

Preparation & Clay Bars – A shampoo will clean your paint finish but a good clay bar or a good prep product will lift pitted in and stubborn finer dirt build up from your paints surface giving you a basis to get...

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Waxes & Polishes

If you are looking for a car polish or car wax then Opie Oils can help. Once paintwork is washed and clayed, start protecting and shining your paint surface by applying car wax and/or car polish to get a deep wet...

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Bike Windshield & Glass Cleaner

Get your motorbike windshield glass and any other glass area sparkling with our range of cleaners and degreasers, these products have been designed specifically for the job and will leave a vastly improved and...

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Interior Cleaners & Polishes – It doesn’t take long for the inside of you car to become dirty and have built up dust and embedded mud, get a generally nicer cabin to sit in with our range of interior...

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Visor & Screen Cleaner

Screen Cleaners and Visor Cleaner – Having a clean and blemish free visor is obviously going to be advantageous to your riding, we have a select range to do just that.

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Brake Cleaners

If you are looking for a brake cleaner for your car / bike then check out our growing range. from brands including Gulf, Power Maxed, Motul and more.

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Brushes / Cloths / Mitts / Applicators

Cloths / Mitts / Applicators – A good applicator product will work wonders in reducing the time spent cleaning and detailing your vehicle and will help to get an even and high quality finish.

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Cleaning Kits & Bundles

Opie Oils stock a large range of car and motorcycle cleaning and detailing kits & bundles, so if you are looking for interior or exterior products you will find a large range of bundles right here.

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Trim & Plastics

Trim & Plastics– These are often forgotten about in cleaning and detailing, make sure to clean and protect yours from road dirt and grime as these areas are often heavily exposed and can build up corrosive films...

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Machine Polishers & Accessories

Using an orbital / rotary machine polisher is sometimes a scary task for the first time user, but as long as instructions are followed and enough surface preparation is done (it's all about the prep) then you can get...

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Metal Polishes

Metal Polishes – A lot of your motorcycles metals are exposed to the elements, generally a chromed metal is very well protected but not all of your metal work is going to be chrome, plus even chrome can become...

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Wheel & Tyre Care

Wheel & Tyre Products – Cleaning and detailing your wheels and tyres can be a stubborn task due to road dirt build up and encrusted brake dust that can be a real pain to remove, using these cleaning and detailing...

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Engine & Component Cleaners

Our great range of engine cleaner products from Opie Oils. Under your bonnet can become extremely dirty and encrusted with all manner of grime and greasy contaminants, this is due to the exposure to both the road and...

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Chain Oils / Degreasers / Sprays

Chain Degreaser / Sprays – Your motorbikes chain is a critical part in your vehicles drive train, so it is very important that it is in the best condition to carry the extreme pressures of transferring drive to the...

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General / All In One

General / All In One Products – Need a cleaner that can handle whatever you can throw at it? For all your normal cleaner needs, here you’ll find our range specifically designed to handle a multitude of different...

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Maintenance Aerosols / Sprays & Fluids

Maintenance Sprays & Aerosols – If you need to clean up an engine part or a greasy mechanism then we have a variety of workshop / maintenance sprays and aerosols to help.

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Window & Glass Cleaner

Get your windows and interior glass areas sparkling with our range of cleaners and degreasers, these products have been designed specifically for the job and will leave a vastly improved and blemish / smear free...

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Filter Cleaning & Protection Oil

Filter Cleaning & Protection – Helpful for both after market induction kits or aftermarket cone filters and foam standard filters, filter cleaner and treatment products get your filter flowing as freely and...

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Caravan Cleaning & Detailing

If you are looking for caravan cleaning and detailing products then you have come to the right place. Our caravan cleaning products and caravan detailing products make cleaning your caravan / motorhome a lot easier....

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Cleaning & Detailing - By Brand

Opie Oils is renowned for it large range of oils, but we also stock a large range of cleaning and detailing products. we stock everything you'll need to detail your pride and joy, our range starts at premium Dodo...

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Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W-40 Engine Oil

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Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5w-40 Ester Synthetic Engine Oil, One of Our Most Popular Products At Opie Oils

Castrol EDGE TITANIUM 10W-60 FST Engine Oil

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Castrol Edge Titanium 10w-60 Fst, One of Our Most Popular Products At Opie Oils

Millers Oils CRX 75W-90 NT Full Synthetic Gear Oil

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Millers Oils CRX 75w-90 NT Competition Fully Synthetic Transmission / Gear Oil, One of Our Most Popular Products At Opie Oils

Motul RBF 600 Factory Line Brake Fluid

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Motul RBF 600 Factory Line Racing Brake Fluid, One of Our Most Popular Products At Opie Oils

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Mobil 1 ESP 5w-30 Engine Oil
Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

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NOW: £32.95

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Castrol Edge 5w-30 LL Engine Oil 5 Litres
Castrol Edge Titanium 5w-30 LL FST Engine Oil 5 Litres

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NOW: £39.95

Save: £19.82 Off List Price

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Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS 5w-40
Millers Oils NANODRIVE CFS 5w-40 NT Full Synthetic Engine Oil

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NOW: £55.88

Save: £15.62Off List Price

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1 Gallon Castrol Classic XL 20w-50
Castrol Classic XL 20W-50 All Round Performance Multigrade Engine Oil

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NOW: £24.95

Save: £4.01Off List Price

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G Force 10w-40 Semi Synthetic
G Force 10w-40 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

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NOW: £11.95

For 5 Litres

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7 Litre Oil Drip Tray
7 Litre Engine Oil Drip Tray

On Offer

NOW: £10.96

Save: £2.04 Off List Price

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Hundreds of customers contact us on a daily basis to discuss their oil needs and applications prior to purchase. We don’t just sell oils; we know oils and would encourage anyone to contact us to discuss any questions they may have. If you would like an expert recommendation then simply complete our oil recommendation form and one of our resident experts will aim to get your bespoke oil recommendation to you within 24 hours.

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Enter basic information about your vehicle and our product lookup will provide you with the correct specification and amount of engine oil together with an OEM Spec & approved oil filter for a full service. Alternatively you can select just the engine oil or a 1 litre top up kit. In the near future this service will be improved so you will be able to source all fluids and essential service parts for your vehicle.

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Within the automotive industry there is a lot of myths and confusion about certain elements of lubrication, fluids and oil. In order to cover, in detail, some of the most common things that are discussed by Opie Oils Technical Experts we have produced a collection of Technical PDF Downloads, some that Opie have produced and some sourced by experts within the trade that have given consent for us to share.

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