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Motul Motylgear 75w-80 Synthetic gearbox oil-1 Litre

£ 9.98inc VAT


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About Motul Motylgear 75w-80 Synthetic gearbox oil

Motul Motylgear 75w-80 is a gear oil / gearbox lubricant especially recommended for hard to shift gearboxes and also for Peugeot, Citroën and Renault gearboxes.

It's suitable for use in manual transmissions with or without synchromesh, for use in differentials and transfer boxes without a limited slip system.

Motul have formulated Motylgear 75w-80 as an extreme pressure lubricant for  efficient anti wear protection and reinforced it with synthetic base stocks for a better resistance at high temperature and for longer life.

Benefits of Motul Motylgear 75w-80 Synthetic gearbox oil

  • Reinforced with synthetic base stocks
  • High temperature resistance
  • Long life
  • Stays in 80 grade after KRL 20 hours shear test as requested by SAE J306 Standard, July 1998 update
  • Very high lubricating power which decreases friction and wear
  • 80 grade at hot temperature reduces gearbox drag and then Fuel consumption.
  • Fluid at low temperature to allow easier gear shifting when the gearbox is cold
  • Less effort required on the gear lever to shift the gears
  • Suitable for any type of seal and yellow material used in gearboxes design
  • Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam

Specifications and Manufacturer Approvals

  • Specifications
    • API GL4
    • API GL5
    • MIL-L-2105D

Tech Data for Motul Motylgear 75w-80 Synthetic gearbox oil

  Technical Datasheet PDF

Viscosity grade SAE J306 75W-80
Density at 15°C (59°F) ASTM D1298 0.882
Viscosity at 40°C (104°F) ASTM D445 58.8 mm²/s
Viscosity at 100°C (212°F) ASTM D445 10.1 mm²/s
Viscosity index VIE ASTM D2270 160
Flash point ASTM D92 204°C / 399°F
Pour point ASTM D97 -36°C / -32°F

Carriage Costs for Motul Motylgear 75w-80 Synthetic gearbox oil

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Oilman says...
" A good choice for Honda gearboxes and other 75w-80 GL4 applications. "
Motul Motylgear 75w-80 Synthetic gearbox oil-
                          1 Litre
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