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Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5W-30 Premium Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 5 Litres (Plus a FREE 1 Litre and Pouch)

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About Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5W-30 Premium Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 5 Litres (Plus a FREE 1 Litre and Pouch)

Maximum engine cleansing for performance motoring refreshing and protecting your car.

Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5w-30 is a premium-grade, fully synthetic engine oil scientifically formulated with ultimate active cleansing technology. It works harder than conventional motor oils to continuously prevent dirt and sludge build up while protecting sensitive exhaust gas treatment systems. For maximum responsiveness and improved performance, enabling your engine to operate at its full potential right up to the next oil change.

Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5w-30 is a unique, fully synthetic lubricant giving ultimate engine and exhaust after treatment protection for performance motoring , is approved by leading car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, VW and BMW in support of increased oil change intervals and exhaust after treatment device protection.

Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5w-30 - Applications

For fuel-injected vehicles fitted with exhaust gas 'blow-by' re-circulation, catalytic converters and particulate filters. For petrol and diesel engines approving the use of a 5W-30 engine oil.

Specifically intended for the latest Mercedes Benz, VW and BMW diesel engines fitted with exhaust after treatment and also suitable for older diesel engines requiring a 5W-30 viscosity. As the product meets ACEA C2 / ACEA C3 it is suitable for both PSA and Renault service fill.

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Benefits of Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5W-30 Premium Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5w-30 - Features and Benefits

  • Maximum engine clean up. Actively and continuously locks away harmful dirt and deposits.
  • Ultimate protection and long engine life in all driving conditions, including frequent stop and go city driving as well as at extremely high revs, and in all types of engines. The engine lasts longer than with conventional oils.
  • Enhanced fuel economy and better cold starting low viscosity, rapid oil flow and low friction effectively contribute towards reducing fuel consumption and better cold starting.
  • Low oil consumption. The use of selected synthetic base oils reduces the oil volatility and therefore the oil consumption. The need for oil top up is therefore reduced.
  • Extremely low chlorine content reduces the environmental impact due to the product disposal.
  • Excellent protection for diesel particulate traps (DPF), turbo/multivalve cars, which exceeds industry standards

Specifications and Manufacturer Approvals

  • Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5w-30 - Specification/Approvals

  • BMW Longlife 04 / LL04
  • Mercedes Benz 229.51
  • VW 504.00, VW 507.00
  • Porsche C30
  • ACEA C2, C3, A3/B3, A3/B4
  • Fiat - Meets the requirements of Fiat 9.5535 S1

Tech Data for Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5W-30 Premium Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

  Technical Datasheet PDF

Carriage Costs for Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5W-30 Premium Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

We have carriage rates to UK mainland from as little as £3.00 (inc VAT) using our saver rate on orders less than 1kg, with our most common courier rate set at £4.99 for orders of 5kg (enough for 5 litres of oil).

We've kept costs as low as we can and shipping is free for orders of £100 and over, regardless of the weight of your order. Carriage charges are based on weight - please see our table of carriage costs for full details.

How long will it take to get my order?

When placing an order with Opie Oils, we'll do all we can to get your order to you as quickly as possible. The vast majority of items are held in stock and dispatched from our UK warehouse. UK delivery will take less than 7 working days (i.e. Monday to Friday inclusive), unless we contact you to advise otherwise. In 90% of cases, delivery is made well before this, and priority ordering is also available ( Click here for more details ). In case of Bank Holidays please allow an extra working day.

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Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5W-30 Premium Fully Synthetic Engine Oil-
                            5 Litres (Plus a FREE 1 Litre and Pouch)
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