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Fuchs Renolin PG 220 High Quality Industrial Gear Oil- 20L (Drum)

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About Fuchs Renolin PG 220 High Quality Industrial Gear Oil

Fully synthetic EP industrial gear oils based on special, selected polyglycols (PAG)

The RENOLIN PG oils are fully synthetic industrial gear oils based on special, newly developed polyglycol base oils.
Thus the RENOLIN PG products offer a very high oxidation and temperature stability. Polyglycols have a very good viscosity-temperature behaviour (high natural, shear-stable VI) and can therefore be used within a wide temperature range (depending on the viscosity grade and the working conditions from -35ºC up to 160ºC). Special additives adapted to these polyglycols further improve the good properties of the base oils - high wear protection, excellent corrosion protection also at the presence of condensation water, low foaming, and very good compatibility with non-ferrous metals.

The excellent anti-wear properties could be proven in different tests with RENOLIN PG. The load stage >14 was passed in the standard FZG test (FZG A/8,3/90), and the load stage >12 was passed in the FZG test A/16,6/140 (high speed, high temperature FZG test). RENOLIN PG has a high micropitting resistance - load stage “high” - and a good pitting resistance. RENOLIN PG was tested in a special “low speed” FZG test (according to DGMK (Deutsche Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Erdöl, Erdgas und Kohle e.V.) - FZG scuffing test) which RENOLIN PG passed with excellent results (wear category: “low” = excellent). This special test shows the excellent wear protection of RENOLIN PG at two different temperatures (90ºC and 120ºC) under mixed and boundary lubrication conditions. The lubricating film remains stable even at high pressures and under mixed friction conditions. Thus the friction coefficient is low, and a temperature reduction by up to 20ºC can be achieved compared with mineral oil-based lubricants.

Efficiency tests in a worm gear test rig demonstrated the high performance and the low friction coefficient which is especially of great importance for the use in worm gears. The results of RENOLIN PG in the FE8 roller bearing wear test were excellent. Tests in a special test rig at the University of Munich (FZG Institute - Forschungsstelle für Zahnräder und Getriebebau) led to excellent results regarding antiwear behaviour and efficiency.

The RENOLIN PG gear oils are mainly suitable for the lubrication of gear units and worm gears / roller bearings and friction bearings which are subject to high mechanical and thermal stress. RENOLIN PG oils offer advantages compared with mineral oil-based gear oils especially in applications with high sliding velocities (e.g. worm gear units). Due to the high oxidation stability, the oil change intervals can be extended and the maintenance costs can be reduced at higher operating temperatures. The use of RENOLIN PG in worm gears (steel-bronze pairing) leads to a significant reduction of friction and wear. The RENOLIN PG products can also be used for paper machines, calendars, conveying machines and milling bearings. Peak temperatures of up to 200ºC are temporarily tolerable.

RENOLIN PG is not miscible or compatible with mineral oils, ester oils and polyalphaolefins. When changing between polyglycols from different manufacturers, the compatibility has to be checked. Before changing-over, it is recommended to clean the system and to flush with RENOLIN PG. The compatibility with elastomers, varnishes and coatings should also be checked before changing from mineral oil to polyglycols. The specifications of the roller
bearing and gear manufacturers have to be observed.

Benefits of Fuchs Renolin PG 220 High Quality Industrial Gear Oil

  • Excellent wear protection
  • High scuffing load carrying capacity
  • Very high resistance to micropitting
  • Excellent roller bearing wear protection (FE8)
  • Increase of efficiency, reduction of temperature - low friction coefficient
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour (high VI)
  • For use at high and low operating temperatures
  • High ageing stability
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Excellent air release
  • Low foaming

Specifications and Manufacturer Approvals

The RENOLIN PG products fulfil and exceed the minimum requirements according to:

  • DIN 51 517-3 (2004): CLP-PG
  • ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC / CKD / CKE / (CKS) / CKT
  • AGMA 9005/E02: EP
Among others, the RENOLIN PG products are approved by:
  • A. Flender
  • Alpha Getriebebau
  • SEW

Tech Data for Fuchs Renolin PG 220 High Quality Industrial Gear Oil

  Technical Datasheet PDF

Oil drain / change over procedure >>>



Test Method
DIN 51 519
Kinematic viscosity
at 40ºC
at 100ºC


Viscosity index
DIN ISO 2909
Density at 15ºCkg/m31075DIN 51 757
ColourASTM0.5DIN ISO 2049
Cleveland open cup


DIN ISO 2592
ºC-36DIN ISO 3016
Neutralisation number
DIN51 558-1
Copper corrosionDegree of corrosion
1-100 A 24

Steel corrosion
Degree of corrosion
DIN ISO 7120
Mechanical testing in the
FZG gear test rig
FZG A/8, 3/90
FZG A/16, 6/140

Failure load stage

> 14
> 12
DIN ISO 14635-1
Micropitting test
Flender GG-V 378
GFT class
very high
Flender in-house test
FE-8 roller bearing test, 7,5/80/80
Wear roller element
Wear cage element


DIN 51 819-3
(pass= <30mg)
(pass= <30mg)
DGMK-FZG wear test,
test procedure 1, 2 and 3

Wear category:
low 23.7mg total wear
DGMK-FZG wear test (low speed test)

Recommendations / method of changing over from mineral oil-based fluids to RENOLIN PG

General recommendations / procedure in conjunction with the recommendations of the bearing and gear manufacturers (according to VDMA Guideline 24 569 and ISO CD 15380).
  1. Drain the existing lubricating oil while warm.
  2. Carefully drain all circuit components, pipes, pumps, and if necessary, clean mechanically. Pipes should be drained and cleaned with the help of air. Make sure that the system is free of any residual fluid.
  3. Elastomers (Seals, pipes and hoses), filter materials, zinc-coated components, paints, all inner materials which are normally compatible with mineral oil should be checked with regard to their compatibility with polyalkylene glycol.
  4. A flushing and cleaning procedure is recommended to reduce any residual mineral oil content. The system should be filled with the minimum oil volume which is necessary to operate the system. The cleaning and flushing time depends on the conditions of the whole system (e.g. contamination with ageing products, contamination with oxidation layers, dirt, water, etc.).
  5. After the cleaning and flushing procedure the fluid should be drained off - if necessary clean mechanically. Refill the unit with fresh RENOLIN PG.
  6. Mineral oil has a lower specific density than RENOLIN PG. Residual mineral oil will lie on top of the surface of the tank. This mineral oil can then be absorbed from the Surface.
  7. It is recommended to check the filters of the unit after some days. RENOLIN PG has good wetting properties. Contaminants, ageing products from former mineral oil will be absorbed by RENOLIN PG. These contaminants can be filtered out in the system filters.
The recommendations of the manufacturer of the system / unit should be observed regarding the oil change intervals. The condition of the used oil can be checked by oil analysis.

Carriage Costs for Fuchs Renolin PG 220 High Quality Industrial Gear Oil

We have carriage rates to UK mainland from as little as £3.00 (inc VAT) using our saver rate on orders less than 1kg, with our most common courier rate set at £4.99 for orders of 5kg (enough for 5 litres of oil).

We've kept costs as low as we can and shipping is free for orders of £100 and over, regardless of the weight of your order. Carriage charges are based on weight - please see our table of carriage costs for full details.

How long will it take to get my order?

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Fuchs Renolin PG 220 High Quality Industrial Gear Oil-
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