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PLUS: An OEM Quaility Oil Filter - The Perfect Fit for Your Car
PLUS: A FREE Disposable Filling Kit - Funnel, Gloves, Wipes!

We match our service kit engine oil with manufacturer specifications and fill volumes, and our OEM quality oil filters with an extensive fitment database to ensure you get exactly what you need to service your vehicle. Service kits may sometimes have a little more oil than the fill quantity – ideal for topping up.

If you've got a vehicle with significant performance modifications, you may need a different oil;
please get a custom engine oil recommendation from our team instead.


Vehicle Matched Engine Oil, Enough For a FULL Change
PLUS: A FREE Disposable Filling Kit - Funnel, Gloves, Wipes!

Get the correct specification and amount of engine oil for servicing your vehicle! Remember that these engine oil packs DO NOT come with a filter; if you need a kit with a filter select our Engine Oil & Filter Service Kits.

These recommendations sometimes (because of bottle sizes) have a little more oil than the fill quantity – ideal for topping up.

If you've got a vehicle with significant performance modifications, you may need a different oil;
please get a custom engine oil recommendation from our team instead.


A Single Litre Of Engine Oil For Topping Up - Keep Your Motors level of Protection at Optimum
PLUS: A FREE Disposable Filling Kit - Funnel, Gloves, Wipes!

Don't forget to check your engine oil levels to keep your engine protected and performing at It's peak!
We've made it easy to top up with our engine oil top-up kits - a litre of the right oil and a disposable top-up kit.

If you've got a vehicle with significant performance modifications, you may need a different oil;
please get a custom engine oil recommendation from our team instead.

Gear & Atf Oils

Diff & Transfer Box Oil

Coolant & Antifreeze

Brake & Clutch Fluid

Power Steering Fluid

Filtration: Oil, Air, Fuel & Cabin Filters

Get the right Oil filter, Air filter, Fuel filter & Cabin filter here!

With 1000s of filters from market leading brands Mahle and UFI, we've got most filtration needs covered... all at competitive prices.

  • Oil Filters: Filter contaminants from your engine oil. Change with each oil service.
  • Fuel Filters: Essential to remove contaminants from the fuel system. Rust and paint chips from your fuel tank can cause premature failure of injectors and the fuel pump. Change as advised according to your car's service schedule; the fuel filter change interval for many cars is every 2 years / 24,000 miles.
  • Air Filters: Clean air intake is crucial for maintaining power and for the correct, efficient operation of your engine. Change your air filter when it's looking black and worn or caked in dust. If you don't want to inspect your filter, change as advised according to your car's service schedule; likely to be annually, or more frequently if you drive in dry / dusty conditions.
  • Cabin Filters / Pollen Filters: Responsible for filtering the air that comes in to the car through your air con or air blower. Filter manufacturers recommend changing once a year or every 12,000 miles if sooner.
  • Other Filters: If other filters for your car are available - such as hydraulic filters - they'll be listed too. Refer to your car's service schedule for further information.

Brakes: Discs, Pads & Drums

Brembo produce some of the highest quality and best known braking systems within the motoring community.

Their brake pads are well known for being the bench mark for performance, durability and reliability, and also offer unparalleled braking comfort. Brembo's brake discs and drums are unrivalled in terms of both size and innovation plus absolute reliability.

Buying Brembo will get you the highest quality aftermarket braking parts which consistently outperform competitors.

For many vehicles there is a choice of braking component. Please check all parts displayed and any notes to see which is most appropriate for your car!

NOTE: These brakes are standard OEM fitment and are designed for road use.

Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs

Look up the correct spark plug or glow plug for your car, van or light commercial vehicle here.

Only top quality plugs from NGK and Denso from a range of over 1000 plugs including standard, long life and performance plugs... all at best prices.

  • Spark plugs are a "service item" and should be changed according to the manufacturer's recommendation for your vehicle. For most cars this is every 12,000 - 24,000 miles / 1 - 2 years.
  • Iridium spark plugs have a longer life than standard material spark plugs (typically nickel alloy) or silver plugs - up to 100,000 miles for Denso Iridium Tough and NGK Iridium IX spark plugs.
  • Sometimes iridium plugs will be specified by the manufacturer as the only suitable choice for your vehicle.

If you've got a petrol engine vehicle with significant performance modifications, you may need a colder grade of spark plug than that indicated. Please get a custom plug recommendation from our team instead.

Ignition Coils - NGK & DENSO

NGK's range of OE quality Ignition Coils has over 300 part numbers which means for the top 10 manufacturers alone they deliver over 90% coverage of the UK carpark.

DENSO's space-saving design, since adopted by many of the world's leading automakers, requires no high-tension ignition cable, fitting neatly into the engine's spark plug bore.

Ignition coils are an essential component in the ignition system of every petrol vehicle's ignition system. The coil itself converts the small 12 volts from the battery to a much larger voltage that is capable of creating a spark across the gaps of your plugs. If your ignition coil isn't creating the correct voltage every single pulse then your engine output and fuel economy can suffer.

Lambda Sensors / Oxygen Sensors - NTK (NGK) & DENSO

Look up the correct lambda sensor (also known as oxygen sensors or O2 sensors) for your car, van or light commercial vehicle here.

Lambda sensors are oxygen detecting devices forming a sensitive and vital part of the exhaust / emissions reduction system of all cars fitted with catalytic converters.

Every car with a regulated catalytic converter has at least one lambda sensor; most modern cars require two sensors. Replacing old or failing sensors can bring the following improvements:

  • Keep fuel consumption to a minimum
  • Provide a perfect fuel mixture
  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • Guarantee optimal working conditions for the catalytic convertor

We sell only top quality oxygen sensors from NTK and Denso at price-checked prices.

High Quality TRICO & Denso Windscreen Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are an essential part of your car... after all what's more important than seeing where you're going!

Make sure that you regularly change your blades to ensure proper water dispersal - having poorly functioning or bad condition blades can actually make you fail an MOT.

We only sell high quality blades made by market leading manufacturers Trico and DENSO. For most vehicles you'll find both standard blades and more advanced flat blades (also known as beam blades).

Air Conditioning and Heating Parts

We stock a massive range of automotive cooling / heating system parts from DENSO.

Our range of quality air con components consists of Expansion Valves, Compressors, Condensers, Heat Exchanger Units, Evaporators, Dryer Units, Pressure Switches, Injector Nozzles, Cooler Modules, Interior Blowers...

DENSO know these air conditioning / heating parts better than anyone because they originally designed them. Factory-new compressors and condensers make up 90% of their coverage. As one of the world's largest OE suppliers of aircon parts, DENSO units are specified by most major vehicle manufacturers.


Looking for a no fuss high quality automotive alternator? Well you've come to the right place, our prices are for a BRAND NEW, NOT reconditioned part with NO surcharges or need to send back your old unit... what you see is what you pay.

DENSO alternators are not only original equipment on many of the world's top production cars; they are a favourite in motor-sports as well, where their light weight, high efficiency, and durability under the most gruelling conditions make them the natural choice. A DENSO alternator is a quality component.

Starter Motors

DENSO starter motors are class leaders in size and weight and offer reliable performance. DENSO use premium copper terminals which ensure a clean source of electrical current.

A starter motor, in essence, is a very simple item. It's essentially a very powerful electric motor that turns the vehicles engine over while you're turning the ignition key. The reason it does this is to get the initial combustion process going, and in turn, get your vehicle running.

One of the most common causes of a car not being able to start is the starter motor. They have a hard life and consume a large amount of power (hence the large cables to and from it) and can sometimes simply become faulty through wear. Make sure that you replace yours with a high quality unit that won't leave you stranded again.

K&N - Performance Air Filters & Induction Kits

K&N high performance air filtration systems... unleash a few more BHP!

Install an induction kit or easy-to-fit performance air filters to provide a cost effective and popular way of increasing the performance of your car.

Standard OEM filters (usually paper) can sometimes restrict air flow to the engine. Performance air filters and induction kits help to add a sporty growl to the engine, combine really effectively with sport exhaust systems and can be cleaned and reused over and over.

Induction kits: these replace the whole intake system and provide a futher gain in power and an increased acceleration sound.

Performance Panel / Air Filters: Rather than replacing the whole intake system you can just replace the standard filter with an uprated item. You'll still get improved power figures and sound but not as much as a whole induction kit.

Note: With the right filter care, metal gores / foam filter systems can out live standard OEM filters 10 times over.

Fuel Pumps

DENSO's proprietary turbine fuel pump technology delivers the highest sustained fuel pressures in the industry; just one reason why their pumps are chosen as standard equipment by the world’s most demanding OEMs, especially for their premium vehicles. DENSO's open-vane impeller is more efficient than competitors' closed-vane impellers. Their ultra-efficient design yields low amperage requirements to ensure optimum flow rates are maintained over time.

DENSO carefully balances every unit to guarantee the quietest operation possible. The armature in a DENSO fuel pump is precision balanced at 3,000 rpm, and then spun again at 8,000 rpm to minimize noise and vibration. Many competitors do not balance their armature at all.

Radiators & Radiator Fans

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive radiators, DENSO supplies a wide range of aluminium and traditional copper/brass radiators for passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, tractors and trucks.

The radiator and radiator fan are essentially the most important heat exchange elements within your engines cooling system, if allowed to overheat your engine could be terminally damaged so buying high quality items should be top of your list. The process of cooling in a radiator is a simple yet effective one. The radiator spreads hot antifreeze over an extended surface area and allows cool air from the road to pass over its fins, removing heat as it passes. The radiator fan is for when the air flow isn't sufficient; when needed it kicks in to give the air flow a boost, hence why you can commonly hear a fan run when a vehicle is stationary.

Exhaust Valves & Sensors (EGR, EGTS, NOx Etc)

Your vehicle's exhaust system's basic function is to funnel toxic fumes away from the passenger compartment. However, many exhause systems nowadays also process the fumes to reduce environmental impact as well as reducing engine noise. Good quality exhaust parts help maintain your vehicle's performance and safety. Remember: a good, working exhaust system is required for an MOT pass so it is very important to keep all of the components well serviced.

The EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is an anti-pollution device designed as a method of reducing the amount of nitrogen oxide expelled from the vehicle. As the engine heats up the oxygen and nitrogen in the engine's combustion chamber can combine to form nitrogen oxide. EGR valves work be recirculating a precise portion of engine fumes back through the engine. These recycled, carbon dioxide rich exhaust fumes cool the engine and displace some of the oxygen that would otherwise be drawn into the engine. Because the engine is cooler and the oxygen levels are lower less nitrogen oxide is produced.

The Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor (EGTS), which is located in front of the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and/or in front of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), detects exhaust gas temperature and converts it into a voltage and feeds back to the engine ECU with the voltage signal in order to control engine conditions to reduce emissions effectively.

Mass Airflow Sensors (MAF)

Mass Air Sensors (MAF) measure the amount of air an engine intakes during any given point during the combustion process. This sensor not only measures the volume of air but also measures density and adjusts the intake accordingly so that the correct mixture of fuel to air is present in each cylinder.

  • DENSO's First Time Fit plug-in type sensors ensure easy installations
  • Sensing element air bypass structure is designed for improved detection accuracy
  • Mass Air Flow sensor helps in delivering optimum combustion and emissions

The MAF Sensors that we sell are from DENSO - producer of the world's first plug-in mass flow sensor.


The intercooler is a heat exchanger which cools the compressed air feeding the engines of cars equipped with a turbocompressor.

Turbocompressor supercharging, an ever more widespread system, allows an increase in the power of an engine - even if of small capacity - by compressing a larger amount of air into the engine hence a greater amount of fuel. During compression, the air tends to warm up and its density is reduced. This partly thwarts the effect of compression itself. The intercooler's effect is exactly that of reducing the temperature of compressed air allowing to fully exploit supercharging.

The attention paid to reducing emissions and fuel consumption leads to the search for components that enhance engine efficiency and the intercooler is precisely one of these. DENSO Thermal Systems S.p.A. owns a company dedicated to the development of intercoolers and avails itself of climatic chambers and road-tests to check the efficiency of its systems under running conditions that are as close as possible to the real conditions under which customers use their cars.

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IMPORTANT: These recommendations are for UK specification vehicles driven primarily in the UK and without significant performance modifications. If you have a modified or non UK spec vehicle, or if you drive regularly in extremely cold or hot climates then get in touch with our expert team for a custom recommendation.

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