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Performance Engine Oils

Silkolene Gear and Final Drive Oils

The full range of Silkolene Motorcycle Gear and final drive oils is available from Opie Oils, for delivery to your home, workplace or mechanic.
Silkolene Light Gear Oil For Competition and Road Motorcycles
Opie Price
Price Beater
Silkolene BOA 80W-90 For Gearboxes And Final Drives GL4 GL5
Silkolene Medium Gear Oil For Competition and Road Motorcycles
Silkolene RHINO 140 Classic Gear Oil
Silkolene Scooter Gear Oil 80W-90 Advanced Transmission Oil
Silkolene V-TWIN 80W-90 Semi-synthetic Gear Oil
Silkolene Comp Gear 80w-90 Synthetic Ester Technology Racing Gear Oil

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