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Car Trim Restorer & Cleaner

Trim & Plastics– These are often forgotten about in cleaning and detailing, make sure to clean and protect yours from road dirt and grime as these areas are often heavily exposed and can build up corrosive films very quickly. Also making sure all your little trim areas and plastics are shining will generally make all the difference in the appearance of your bike.

Please note that we cannot ship ANY aerosols to international destinations.

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6 Products

Silkolene Pro Prep Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Conditioner Spray (Fuchs)
MER Deep Gloss Finishing Wax
Opie Price
Price Beater
Rain X Plastic Water Repellent (84199200)
Fuchs Silkolene Wash-Off Spray Cleaner
Armor All Insect and Bug Remover
Armor All Speed Wax
Opie Price
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