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General Industrial Lubricating Oils

General lubricating oils for a wide variety of industrial applications. This section is currently under development; many more industrial / general lubricating oils are available on request from Fuchs, Millers Oils, Mobil, Shell and other brands.

8 Products

Fuchs RENISO TRITON SE170 Synthetic Refrigerator Oil
Fuchs Renep CGLP 68
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20 Litres

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Fuchs RENISO TRITON SEZ 80 Fully Synthetic Refrigeration Oil
Millers Oils Millube 150 Mineral Lubricating Oil
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Fuchs FLT Professional Multi Purpose Fork Lift Truck Lubricant
Millers Oils Sewing Machine Oil 32
Fuchs Titan Ganymet Ultra Premium Engine Oil for Stationary Gas Engines
Lucas Oil Gun Oil for Recreational Guns - Odourless