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Millers Oils Maxifleet Plus 15w-40 Mineral Engine Oil
Comma X-Flow Type MF 15w-40 Mineral Car Engine Oil
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Price Beater
Mobil Delvac MX 15w-40 High Performance Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil
Opie Price
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Mobil Delvac MX ESP 15W-40 Premium Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil
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Fuchs Agrifarm STO Plus 10W-30 High Quality Universal Super Tractor Oil
Fuchs TITAN FORMULA 15W-40 High Performance Mineral Engine Oil

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Massive range of API CG-4 Diesel Engine Oils

We've a great range of CG-4 Diesel specification "API" Engine Oils, all at great Opie prices

API CG-4 specification was introduced by American Petroleum Institute (API) to meet 1994 exhaust emission standards, this spec is now obsolete but older vehicles may still find it in handbooks, below you will find the API CG-4 spec oil we stock, however API specs are generally forwardly compatible so you may want to consider using a newer specification, depending on the application of use.

You'll find what specification engine / gear oil your vehicle requires in your handbook, if you're still not sure, use our products finder to get correctly matched fluids & parts for your car.