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Castrol Bike
Millers Oils Millmax 32 BIO Hydraulic Oil
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20 Litres

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Fuchs PLANTOHYD 46-S Hydraulic Oil
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20 Litres

Opie Price
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Fuchs PLANTOHYD 40N Hydraulic Oil
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Fuchs Hydrotherm 46 M Fire Resistant High Quality Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil

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Biodegradable Hydraulic oils are specifically designed where environmental elements / projects are of concern, this range of oils have properties that allow for rapid biodegrade and are commonly made from sustainable resources. As well as a heavily environmentally friendly element to these oils it’s also extremely important to know these oils are still up to the task, offering a high level of quality that allows precise conversion / transfer of pressure throughout operating systems to components. These oils commonly have great corrosion protection, excellent lubrication, low evaporation losses, high ageing resistance and excellent sheer stability. These oils are of serious contention with other hydraulic oils; it’s more choice and compatibility than a level of quality.

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