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Performance Engine Oils
LASER Oil Drain Pan (Kit) - Black - 6087
Laser 6 Litre Oil Drip Tray - 5729 - Black
Small / Motor Cycle 2.68 Litre Oil Drip Tray
Universal Oil Funnel Set - Laser 6198 - 2 Parts with Clamp - Transparent Neck
Oil Drip Absorbent Mat - Laser 6054 - 100 x 80cm - 100% Polypropylene

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Oil Drip Trays from Opie Oils in the UK

If you are looking for oil drip trays / catch cans then check out our great range.

Fed up of getting oil and other fluids all over your garage floor or drive! Why not purchase an oil drip tray / oil catch can and save all that mess. They're one of those over looked items that once you have, you can’t service your vehicle without.

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