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Kent Car Care

Kent Chamois Company Ltd produce the Kent Car Care range of products - one of the largest ranges of Automotive Valeting products available in the UK. Kent Car Care products can be found in retail shops all over the United Kingdom and around the world and now online on Opie Oils at competitive prices.

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52 Products

Kent Car Care Bug & Tar Remover Sponge Pad (Q9230)
Kent Car Care - Butterfly Telescopic Flow Through Brush
Kent Microfibre Buffing Cloth (Q6700)
Kent Universal Car Wash Brush (Q1215)
Kent Cotton Stockinette (KS800)
Kent Cotton Stockinette (KS100)
Kent Microfibre Bag Of Rags Q501)
Kent Cotton Stockinette (KS400)
Kent Microfibre Towels (Q6300)
Kent P Plates - Multi-Fix (L4000)
Kent Bag Of Rags (KR500)
Kent L Plates Magnetic Stick & Tie (L2000)
KENT Genuine Chamois Demister Pad
Kent Sponge Polish Applicator Pad - Black (Q9258)
Kent Microfibre 'No Metal' Alloy Wheel Brush (Q4334)
Kent Car Valet Pack - 8 Piece Set (G555)
Kent Bale Laundered Coloured Polishing Cloths (KP20)
Kent Cotton Polishing Cloths White (PC500)
Kent Microfibre Cloth On Tag (Q6160)
Kent 2 In 1 Clean & Sparkle Microfibre Glass Cloth (Q6950)
Kent Polish Applicator Pad (Q9250)
Kent Telescopic 'Flow Through' Brush - 1.86m (Q4357)
Kent Car Care - Extra Long Professional Telescopic Flow Thru Brush - 2.56m (Q4397)
Kent Telescopic 'Flow Through' Brush - 1.76m (Q4377)
Kent Polish Applicator Pads (Q9255)
Kent Clean, Buff & Polish Pad Set - 8 Piece Set (Q8009)
Kent Essentials Car Care  - Wash Kit with Bucket
Kent Car Care - Super Jumbo Car Sponge
Kent Car Care - Genuine Chamois Leather
Opie Price
Price Beater
Kent Car Care - 2 in 1 Wash Mitt, Microfibre Noodle Tech
Kent Car Care - Alloy Wheel Brush
Kent Microfibre Wash & Dry Pack (Q2459) 2 in 1 wash mitt & drying towel
Kent Super Quality Sponge (V003)
Kent Jumbo Sponge Super Value (V999)
Kent Car Care - Dip And Wash Brush
Kent Car Care - Extra Large Microfibre Drying Towel
Kent Car Care - Blue Microfibre Polish Applicator Pad
Kent Car Care - Microfibre Wash Mitt
Kent Car Care - Microfibre Buffing Towel
Kent Car Care - Microfibre Multi-Purpose Cloths (Q6612)
Kent Car Care - Yellow Sponge Polish Applicator Pad
Kent Bug Shifter Sponge (V007)
Kent Easy Grip Upholstery Brush (Q4326)
Kent Perforated Synthetic Chamois Leather - 400mm x 400mm - Bagged (IC131)
Kent Synthetic Chamois Leather - 2 Square Foot - Bagged (IC111)
Kent Synthetic Chamois Leather - 2 Square Foot - On Card (IC311)
Kent PVA Super Synthetic Cloth (IC100)
Kent Wholeskin Chamois Leather - 5 Square Foot - On Tag (A500U)
Kent Silicone Flexi Blade - 315mm (Q4660)
Kent Best Quality Chamois Leather - 1.5 Square Foot - Bagged (B150P)
Kent Microfibre Demisting Pad (G401)
Kent Plastic Bucket - Black (G607)