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Oil Pumps and Syringes

Getting oil or other fluids in and out of your engine is normally straightforward, but it's very common for things that aren't annually serviced - like gearbox fill sockets - to be hidden within the depths of your engine bay making it a bit of an annoying and fiddly task to fill up or service. Furthermore, a lot of modern engines are becoming so awkward to get to, that sucking the oil out becomes more efficient than actually draining from the underside. Here at Opie we have a range of oil pumps and syringes to try and make servicing your vehicle as painless as possible

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17 Products

Oil Safe Pump (standard)
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Oil Safe Pump Reducer Nozzle
Laser Large Silver Metal Body Oil Pump / Syringe 500CC (0.5 Litre)
Laser Suction Syringe (5933)
Laser Multi-purpose Oil Syringe - 200cc (5698A)
Laser Barrel Pump - Side Lever (4989C)
Laser Barrel Pump - Rotary (3215B)
Laser Multi-purpose 1.5 Litre Syringe (5699)
Laser Barrel Pump (2709)
Comma Gear Oil Pump for Fluid Dispensing
Laser Rotary Oil Drum Pump (Suitable For AdBlue) (5425A)
Comma Drum Tap for 20 & 25 Litre Container Fluid Dispensing
Comma Barrel Tap for Oil Dispensing
NAPA Brake Cleaner Pump Dispenser - 1 Litre Bottle
Apec Brake Cleaner Pump Dispenser - 1 Litre Bottle (BCLD)
Oil Safe Premium Hand Pump
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