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Apple Ipad Competition
Sturdy Roof Box - Metallic Dark Grey - 320 Litre - 50kg Capacity - Weatherproof - Summit SUM-840
Roof Top Cargo Travel Bag - Summit SUM-830 - 340 Litre Capacity - Luggage / Touring
Roof Top Cargo Travel Bag - Summit SUM-831 - 406 Litre Capacity - Weatherproof Luggage / Touring
Premium Roof Box - Gloss Grey - 450 Litre - 50kg Capacity - Lockable - Weatherproof - Summit SUM-853
Premium Roof Box - 440 Litre 50kg Capacity - Lockable - Quick Release Weatherproof - Summit SUM-854

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Roof Bags & Roof Boxes

We stock a varied range of roof boxes and bags in multiple shapes, colours, styles and sizes which are just the thing when you need to travel 

We stock a large range of roof bags and boxes which are ideal for when you have a car full of passengers and limited room for their holiday luggage. These storage boxes are easy to install and come in various sizes, capacities, colours and styles.

If you have a specific requirements please contact us for more help.

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