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Screen Wash

Screen wash is a fluid that is used to clean the windscreen of a car. Also known as wiper fluid or washer fluid, screen wash is composed of water and a solvent, which help to break down the dirt on the windscreen. The solvent evaporates, leaving behind a film of water that can be wiped away. Screen wash is an important part of a car's maintenance. It helps to keep the windscreen clean and clear, and can help prevent streaks from getting on the glass and obstructing your view when driving. Screen wash is also important for the wipers themselves, as it helps to remove dirt from the blades.
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11 Products

Polygard Arctic Concentrated Screen Wash -20C
NAPA Screen Wash & De-Icer -10C Concentrate
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NAPA Extreme Screen Wash & De-Icer -30C Concentrate
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P1 Autocare Screenwash Pods
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Polygard Arctic Concentrated Screen Wash -10C
Opie Price
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Motul Vision Expert Ultra Screen Wash - All Seasons - Concentrate
Fuchs Maintain Screen Wash & De-Icer - All Seasons - Concentrate
RRP £10.79
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Granville Sub Zero All Seasons Screenwash Sachets

72 x 75ml Sachets (Bucket)

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NAPA Winter Kit (500ml De-icer, 500ml Screen Wash Concentrate, Ice Scraper)
P1 Autocare Winter Kit - De-Icer with Screenwash & Ice Scraper
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Wynns Super Concentrated Screenwash 21

Screen wash is an essential component of a car's mechanical system. It helps to keep the windscreen clean and clear, preventing water and other debris from accumulating on the glass. Screen wash is also used to help remove ice and snow from the windscreen.Windscreen wipers are an important part of a car's safety system. But, if you don't use the right type of screen wash, your car's safety systems might not work as well as they should.

Driving in conditions that involve rain, snow or sleet can be a challenge. The windscreen wipers are critical to keeping the driver's view clear. If the wiper blades are not functioning properly, it can be difficult to see out of the windscreen. In fact, a wet windscreen can lead to driving errors such as missed turns and accidents. Proper wiper fluid use is crucial to avoiding problems with your windscreen.



Can I use water in my screen washer system?

It's best to use a specific screen wash product as these have been specially formulated to effectively clear your windscreen. Water doesn’t contain the cleaning agents that screen wash does, so won’t be able to remove tough dirt such as tree sap. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to add water to your screen wash as it will dilute the fluid and its intended properties, unless the screen wash itself is concentrated and requires dilution before use.

Are antifreeze and screen wash the same thing?

No. Antifreeze is a type of liquid that helps to prevent your car's cooling system from freezing. Screen wash, meanwhile, is a type of detergent that’s used to clean your car's windscreen and windows.

Is concentrated screen wash ready to use?

Concentrated screen wash can be used without dilution to lower its freezing point in winter temperatures. Other than that, it's much better to dilute it with water so that it lasts longer and is more economical. Many people choose to buy concentrated screen wash because it is more affordable than the ready-to-use versions.

Can you fail an MOT for having no screen wash?

It's a question that many drivers ask - can you fail your MOT if you have no screen wash? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. If your windscreen washer fluid is not at the correct level or is not working correctly, your car will fail its MOT. This is because the screen washer fluid helps to keep your windscreen clean, and if it's not working properly, it could affect your visibility while driving.

Is screen wash a legal requirement?

Vehicles are required by law to have screen wash in order to clean the windscreen and windows. This is to ensure that the driver has a clear view of the road ahead and is able to safely operate the vehicle. Screen wash helps to remove any dirt, insects, or other debris that may be on the windscreen, which can obstruct the driver's view. Some drivers choose not to use screen wash, but this can be dangerous, as it can lead to decreased visibility and an increased chance of being in a car accident.

Can you mix different brands of screen wash?

You can mix different brands of screen wash together, but make sure that they both have the same colour and shake the bottle well before use.

If you're not sure what concentration of screen wash to use, just follow the instructions on the bottle. In general, screen wash is usually diluted with water before use.

Does screen wash expire?

Screen wash fluid will generally expire after about two years, but this can vary depending on the particular brand and type of fluid that you are using. It's important to check the expiration date on your screen wash bottle, and to replace the fluid if it is close to expiring.

How long does screen wash last?

Depending on the type of screen wash you use, it can last anywhere from two to six months. If you want your windscreen washer to last as long as possible, it's important to use a quality product and keep your car clean.

What are screen wash pods?

Screenwash pods are screen wash tablets that you add to water to make your own screenwash. If you've got an old screenwash bottle, you're ready to make your own screenwash with a screenwash pod and water! Making screen wash from tablets like this reduces plastic use and transportation weight bulk.