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Gulf All Seasons Screen Wash - High Power Concentrate

5 Litres (Makes up to 50 litres)

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Gulf Concentrated Screen Wash - High Power Concentrate
Decosol Excel Screen Wash - Concentrated -24 Degrees Celsius (AD25XLS)

1 Litre (Makes Up to 10 Litres)

RRP £10.79
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Decosol Excel Screen Wash - Concentrated -24 Degrees Celsius (AD25)
Motul Vision Expert Ultra Windscreen Wash - Apple - Concentrated
Granville Screenwash Sachets (0285)
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Screen Wash from Opie Oils

If you are looking for Screen Wash for your car then you have come to the right place

What is Screen Wash?

Screenwash (also called windshield wiper fluid, wiper fluid, windshield washer fluid, or washer fluid) is a fluid for motor vehicles that is used in cleaning the windshield with the windshield wiper while the vehicle is being driven.

Your windscreen is a very important part of your car and you want to keep it as clear as possible with a screenwash to be safe.

How to use Screen Wash

Screenwash will help you achieve that crystal-clear view, and is available both in ready mixed or concentrated forms. Screenwash concentrate needs to have water added to it before it's added to your car, but is better value for money.

Make sure that you have enough screen wash and that it's not over diluted. Winter temperatures even in the UK can drop to below -20 so putting in the correct dilution of Screenwash will prevent your wiper fluid from freezing

Opie Oils offers Screen Wash in a variety of sizes and with various colours and fragrances. Don't hesitate to get in touch and we can help you choose.

Opie Oils also stock a wide variety of Antifreeze, Adblue, Brake & Clutch Fluid, Suspension Fluid & Power Steering Fluid. Perfect for keeping the fluids in your car topped up at all times.

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