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Motorcycle Lambda Sensors

Our NTK (NGK) oxygen sensors are able to withstand incredibly high temperatures and due to their incredibly compact size they can be installed close to the engine and quickly reach the necessary operating temperatures required. As motorcycle manufacturers are finding themselves bound by increasingly stringent emission standards a growing number of new motorcycles are being supplied with catalytic converters and therefore lambda sensors. 

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4 Products

NTK Lambda Sensor / O2 Sensor (NGK 97070) - OZA457-EE12
NTK Lambda Sensor / O2 Sensor (NGK 1710) - OZA591-BB2
NTK Lambda Sensor / O2 Sensor (NGK 1767) - OZA591-SZ1
NTK Lambda Sensor - Oxygen / O2 Sensor AZD0101-VB004 (NGK 7690) - Triumph