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Halogen H1 Heavy Duty Light Bulb 24V 70W | HELLA 8GH 002 089-361
Halogen H1 Double Power Light Bulb - 24V 70W | HELLA 8GH 002 089-491
HELLA Standard Light Bulb H3 12V 35W (8GH 002 090-271)
Halogen H3 Double Power Light Bulb - 24V 70W | HELLA 8GH 002 090-471
Halogen H3 Yellow Light Bulb - 12V 55W | HELLA 8GH 002 090-481
Halogen HB3A Light Bulb - 12V 60W | HELLA 8GH 005 635-161
Halogen H7 Double Power Light Bulb - 24V 70W | HELLA 8GH 007 157-231
Hella Heavy Duty Standard Halogen Light Bulb H4 24V 75/70W (8GJ 002 525-251)
Halogen H4 Double Power Light Bulb - 24V 75/70W | HELLA 8GJ 002 525-511
HELLA Standard Light Bulb H15 12V 55/15W (8GJ 168 119-001)
Halogen H15 Light Bulb - 24V 20/60W | HELLA 8GJ 168 119-241
D2R Light Bulb - HID Gas Discharge Tube D2R 35W | HELLA 8GS 007 001-151
Bi-Xenon/ Xenon D2S Light Bulb - HID Gas Discharge Tube D2S 35W 12V/24V | HELLA 8GS 007 949-261
Halogen R2 Long Life Bilux Light Bulb - 12V 45/40W | HELLA 8GD 002 088-141
Bi-Xenon / Xenon D1S HID Light Bulb - 35W 12V/24V | HELLA 8GS 009 028-111
HELLA Heavy Duty Light Bulb H3 24V 70W (8GH 002 090-251)
HELLA Standard Light Bulb H1 12V 55W (8GH 002 089-133)

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Spotlight Bulbs

Browse our range of Spotlight Bulbs here at Opie Oils

Choose from a wide range of spotlight bulbs for your vehicle - all from trusted and established manufacturers. With our ever expanding range and more parts being added all the time, you can be sure to find the right product.

To check specific compatibility you can use our Vehicle Lookup or feel free to contact us - we are happy to help.

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