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NOx Exhaust Sensors


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NTK NOx Sensor / Nitrogen Oxide Sensor (NGK 93015) - NZA05-V4
NTK NOx Sensor / Nitrogen Oxide Sensor (NGK 95923) - NZA04-V1
NTK NOx Sensor / Nitrogen Oxide Sensor (NGK 97668) - NZA04-V2

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Nitrogen oxide sensor (NOx Sensor)

Purchase from a select range of Nitrogen oxide sensors (NOx Sensor) at great Opie prices

Nitrogen oxide sensor (NOx Sensor) are typically a high-temperature sensor built to detect high levels of nitrogen oxides within exhaust emissions of an automotive vehicle.

Several car & car parts manufacturers such as Delphi, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota are putting extensive research into development of NOx sensors in order to minimise harmful emissions. Many governments around the world have passed laws to limit NOx emissions (along with other combustion gases such as SOx (oxides of sulfur), CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) and hydrocarbons), so these types of sensors and gases monitoring devices will become increasingly common.

Sensing the gases is only half of the process, the reason these devices are in place is to trigger re processing, or loop back systems, within the vehicle is high levels are found, commonly referred to as combustion optimization or regeneration of NOx traps. 

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