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Air Conditioning DIY

Air Conditioning DIY products are crucial to maintaining the health, safety and performance of your vehicle's air con system. For example, air con sanitisers are great for eliminating harmful bacteria and bad odours emitting from your car's a/c system, which can be caused by leaks or a build-up of moisture in cold, wet conditions that contribute to creating harmful germs. Sanitisers are perfect for keeping your air con clean and fresh whilst also providing unique, pleasant scents in their place. Other maintenance products include Air Con Stop Leaks, which are great for repairing minor metal and rubber leaks in your air conditioning system and ensuring everything runs as it should. 

These air conditioning maintenance products should be especially considered on a regular basis to keep your air con system in top condition and to avoid future problems. 

We stock a range of Air Conditioning DIY products like Air Con Cleaners, Air Con Stop Leaks, and Air Con Test Thermometers, all from respected and established manufacturers who pride themselves on high-quality standards. 

Feel free to contact us for advice on finding the right air conditioning products for your needs - we are happy to help.

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21 Products

NAPA Car Air Con Sanitiser
Wynns Airco Pure Aircon Cleaner - Royal Oud
Elke Leak Stop Treatment - Fast Acting A/C System Leak Sealer
Bilt Hamber Air-Con Bomb Citrus

150ml Aerosol

Opie Price
Price Beater
PMA Air-Con Sanitiser Aerosol (ACON)
Comma Air Con Cleaner Spray for Automotive Air Conditioning Systems
Power Maxed Anti-Bacterial Air Conditioning System Refresh
Elke Ultraviolet UV Solvent-Free Dye - R134a
STP A/C Pro Air-Con Test Thermometer (AC00092EN)
STP A/C Pro Auto Air-Con Cleaner - 150ml - Fresh Scent, Bacteria Remover (AC23150EN)
STP A/C Pro Super Seal Air-Con Stop Leak - R1234YF - 40ml (AC00095EN)
Airco Breeze Multi Deodorising Sanitiser for Vehicle Air Con - Sea Breeze (AC2139B)
Glo-Leak Air Con UV Leak Tracer Fluid - 250ml (GL1234A)
Wynns Airco-Clean Ultrasonic Fluid
STP A/C Pro Auto Air-Con Reusable Trigger And Gauge - R1234YF Refrigerant (AC00093EN)
STP A/C Pro Recharge Trigger And Gauge - R134a refrigerant (AC00089EN)
STP A/C Pro Super Seal Air-Con Stop Leak - 40ml (AC02002EN)
Elke Leak Stop -  Air Conditioning System Leak Sealer
Elke Ultraviolet UV Dye Remover
Elke Universal UV Dye For R134a & HFO1234yf