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Vehicle Trim Clips

Browse our range of Vehicle Trim Clip products

Looking for Trim Pad Clips, E Clips, Locking Nuts or Moulding Clips from our Vehicle Trim Clips range? You've come to the right place for a great selection of products at great prices - with speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

Connect Front Bumper Stone Deflector Retainer (36108) For: Ford - Pack of 50
Connect Hood Strut Socket for Audi (36135) - Pack of 50
Connect Left Side Rod End Clip for Mazda (36086A) - Pack of 50
Connect Retaining Clip for Mercedes-Benz (36122) - Pack of 50
Connect Door Lower Moulding Clip - for Lexus (36064) - Pack of 50
Connect Plastic Clip - VAG (36128)
Connect Plastic Clip - VAG (36134)
Wot-Nots Trim Locking Nut - Lokut (PWN970)
Wot-Nots Door Trim Pad Clip for Ford (PWN135) - (Pack of 5)
Wot-Nots Door Trim Pad Clip for Ford (PWN356) - (Pack of 4)
Connect Fir Tree Fixing (36217) For: Peugeot Citroen - Pack of 50
Connect Screw Rivet - Honda Mazda Nissan Toyota (36225B)
Connect Panel Clip (36229B) For: Renault Peugeot - Pack of 50
Connect Panel Clip (36228B) For: Vauxhall Opel GM - Pack of 50
Wot-Nots E Clips - Large (PWN275)
Wot-Nots E Clips - Medium (PWN274)
Wot-Nots E Clips - Assorted (PWN549)
Connect Hood Insulation Retainer for Mazda (36144) - Pack of 50
Connect Fir Tree Fixing - General Use (36218B)

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