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Apple Ipad Competition
Power-Tec Squiggly Wires 91332 for Body Pulling Jobs (Pack of 10)
Connect Ultra V Patch (35150A)
Laser Pliers - Mini Clip Set - 2 Piece (6259A)
Power-Tec Panel Cup - 125mm (91175)
Laser Pliers - Trim Clip Removal (6244A)
Gunson Hog Rings (77129)

Pack of 100

Opie Price
Price Beater
Power-Tec Seam Splitter (91168)
Power-Tec Steel & Aluminium Paint Thickness Gauge (91409)
Power-Tec Touch Up Bottles (92024)
Power-Tec 800 Assorted Staples for Hot Stapler (92382)
Power-Tec Hot Stapler Plastic Repair System (91781)
Power-Tec Plastic Razor Blades (92301)
Power-Tec Economy Trestle (91457)
Laser Wing Cover - Anti Slip (6220)
Power-Tec Braided SCR Wire (91160)
Power-Tec Glass Removal Kit (91157)
Power-Tec Magnetic Spray Gun Holder (92381)
Power-Tec Trim & Panel Removal Master kit - 11 Piece (92263)
Power-Tec Zippy Type Razor Scraper (91999)
Power-Tec Masking Paper Dispenser - 450mm (92415)
Power-Tec Professional Scraper (92367)
Power-Tec Vehicle Glass Removal Tool (91159)
Power-Tec Technician's Scissors (92318)
Power-Tec Mobi-X Stand (91828)
Free Shipping


Opie Price
Price Beater
Power-Tec Complete Monster Slide Kit (91121)
Free Shipping


Opie Price
Price Beater
Power-Tec Trim Clip Remover (91343)
Power-Tec Flexi-blade File - 8TPI (91184)
Power-Tec Side Cutters with Tungsten Blade (92256)
Power-Tec Wheel Arch Reforming Tool (92269)
Free Shipping


Opie Price
Price Beater
Power-Tec Panel & Image Profiler (91234)
Power-Tec Trim Removal Chisels Set - 4 Piece (91274)
Power-Tec Trim Remover - Long Reach (91272)
Laser Polish Applicator Pads - 6 Piece (5993)
Power-Tec Fluted Stripe Off Disc Adaptor (92429)
Connect 500g Body Solder Stick (Tin/Lead-28/72) (34949)
Power-Tec Gravity Gun Filter - 5 Piece (91444)
Power-Tec Paint-less Dent Repair Kit (92265)
Power-Tec Glue Puller Pads (91238)
Free Shipping

Pack of 25

Opie Price
Price Beater
Power-Tec Trim Remover Set (91269)
Power-Tec Wire Wheel - 0.7mm (For 92331) (92330)
Power-Tec Glass Cut Out Square Wire (91158)
Power-Tec PDR Slide Hammer With 9 Glue Pads (92376)
Power-Tec Spray 'N' Stick Spray Stand (91420)
Power-Tec True Flat Block - 225mm x 70mm (91384)
Gunson Windscreen Installation Tool Set (77136)
Power-Tec Electrode Tip (91676)
Power-Tec Blades For 92306 18TPI - 5 Pieces (92311)
Power-Tec Miracle Pulling Bits - Straight (91687)
Power-Tec Run Razor - RR1 (91433)

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