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Looking for Solder Tubes & Sticks, Soldering Irons, Wire or Soldering Kits from our Soldering range? You've come to the right place for a great selection of products at great prices - with speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

12 Products

Laser Soldering Iron - 25W (5639)
Laser Soldering Iron - 40W (5640A)
Connect Solder Wire - 16 SWG 1.6mm - 0.5kg Reel (34944)
Connect Solder Wire - 10 SWG 3.25mm - 0.5kg Reel (34945)
Connect Solder Wire - 22 SWG 0.8mm - 0.5kg Reel (34946)
Connect Solder Wire - 18 SWG 1.2mm - 0.5kg Reel (34947)
Laser Aluminium Repair System (4707A)
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Price Beater
Laser Soldering Iron - 60W (4079B)
Laser Solder In A Tube Dispenser (2297)
Pearl Solder Stick Body - 500 grams (PSOL06)
Pearl Solder Wire - 16SWG 1.60 mm - 500g reel (PSOL01)
Pearl Solder Wire - 18SWG 1.20 mm 500 grams (PSOL04)