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Welding Accessories

Browse our range of Welding Accessories

Looking for Welding Tips, Wire, Pull Triangles, Staples, Regulators, Straps or Clamp Sets from our Welding Accessories range? You've come to the right place for a great selection of products at great prices - with speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

Power-Tec Panel Pull Triangle (91299)
Power-Tec Spot Drill - 8mm (91289)
Power-Tec Weblash Strap - 0.8m - 8 Tonne Capacity (91093)
Power-Tec Right Angle U Shape Staples - 0.6mm (92261)
Power-Tec U Shape Staples - 0.6mm (91782)
Power-Tec U Shape Staples - 0.8mm (91783)
Power-Tec V Shape Staples - 0.8mm (91784)
Power-Tec V Shape Staples - 0.6mm (92260)
Power-Tec Spotmatic Boron Drill - 8mm - Length 46mm (91172)
Power-Tec Sparkshield - 1.17m x 1.2m (91146)
Power-Tec Squigley Wire (91333)
Power-Tec Butt Welding Clamp Set - 4 Piece (92300)
Power-Tec W Shape Staples - 0.6mm (92326)
Power-Tec W Shape Staples - 0.8mm (92327)
Power-Tec Welding Rods (91775)
Maypole Replacement Dark Welding Lens 1161A

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