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Cleaning Equipment

Looking for Cleaning Accessories or Floorcare products from our Cleaning Equipment range? You've come to the right place for a great selection of products at great prices - with speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

54 Products

De-Ionised Water by Top-Up Water for Cooling Systems, Batteries & Steam Irons
Opie Price
Price Beater
Cleenol Kentucky Mop Handle - 48in. (137229)
SYR Midi Freedom Cotton Mop Head - Blue (191288B)
Signs & Labels Aluminium Squeegee Handle - 1.4m (FJAN763)
Cleenol Soft Bristle Wooden Broom & Handle - 24in. (14869TWH)
SYR Interchange Aluminium Handle - Blue (191225B)
SYR Interchange Aluminium Handle - Red (191225R)
SYR Interchange Aluminium Handle - Yellow (191225Y)
WD-40 4 x Trigger Spray Bottles (No Fluid) (44100A)
Martin Cox 600 Ml Trigger Sprayer With Bottle
Martin Cox Bucket Barrier 235 mm
Martin Cox Compression Sprayer - 6 Litre
Martin Cox Std. Black Bucket 15 Ltr
Status Canister Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (HOUSTON1PKB)
Status Rechargeable Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner (CINCINNATI1PKB2)
Cleenol Buffable Floor Maintainer
Martin Cox Deluxe Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Brush
Martin Cox Dip & Wash Sill Cleaning Brush
Martin Cox Budget 1 Litre Compression Sprayer
Northwood Hand Towel Dispenser With At-A-Glance Levels Check
Northwood Centrefeed Roll Dispenser With At-A-Glance Levels Check
Status Lightweight Hand Held Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Cleenol Black Refuse Sacks - 16 x 25 x 39in. (10383L)
Cleenol Black Refuse Sacks - 18 x 29 x 39in. (BNW5010)
Cleenol Reusable Microcloth - Blue - 40 x 40cm (191CH002)
Cleenol Disposable Wiping Cloths - Blue (13913LB/50)
Cleenol Cotton Dusters - Yellow (136150)
Laser Stainless Steel 12 Litre Bucket (5929)
Laser Stainless Steel Lid for Bucket (5930)
Cleenol Kentucky Hygiene Mop Head - Blue - 16oz (191290B)
Cleenol 9 Litre Light Duty Plastic Mop Bucket - Red (13599T)
Cleenol Kentucky Mop Head - 16oz (136118)
Cleenol Kentucky Mop Head - 12oz (13610T)
Cleenol Kentucky Mop Head - 20oz (13820T)
Cleenol Kentucky Mop Bucket & Wringer - Blue (191227B)
Cleenol 8 Litre Plastic Mop Bucket - Blue (191226B)
Signs & Labels Floor Squeegee - Blue - 550mm (FJAN922BLU)
Signs & Labels Floor Squeegee - Blue - 750mm (FJAN923BLU)
Cleenol Woollen Socket Mop Head - 12oz (136063)
Cleenol 14 Litre Galvanised Mop Bucket (135981)
Cleenol Stiff Bristle Wooden Broom Head & Handle - 12in. (135512WH)
Cleenol Soft Bristle Wooden Broom Head & Handle - 12in. (135504WH)
Cleenol 14 Litre Heavy Duty Plastic Bucket - Black (135973)
Cleenol Soft Bristle Wooden Broom Head - 12in. (135504)
Cleenol Wooden Broom Handle - 60in. (135949)
Cleenol Wooden Handle for Broom & Mop Heads - 48in. (136134)
Cleenol Twine Socket Mop Head - 12oz (136004)
Cleenol Metal Dustpan - Black (136012)
Cleenol Plastic Dustpan - Blue (136020)
Cleenol Hygiene Dustpan & Stiff Brush - Blue (191222/B)
Cleenol Hygiene Dustpan & Soft Brush - Blue (191223/B)
Cleenol Stiff Wooden Hand Brush (13558T)
Cleenol Light Duty Plastic Bucket (135965)