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Oil System Additives & Flushes

Historically, we haven't recommended engine oil flushes or system additives during servicing, but these days, solvent-free, detergent-based engine flush and additives are available which does a much better job without the disadvantages of solvent-based engine flush.

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32 Products

Millers Oils Engine Flush Fully Synthetic Engine Oil Treatment
Wynns Super Charge Oil Treatment for Petrol & Diesel Engines
Comma X-Flow Flush Out Mineral Engine Oil Flush
Kalimex JLM Oil Stop Smoke Treatment
Castrol Engine Shampoo (Pre-Oil Change Treatment)
Wynns Engine Flush for Petrol & Diesel Engines - Detergent Based
STP Oil Treatment for Petrol Engines (60450EN06)
STP Smoke Treatment for Petrol Engines (64450EN06)
Millers Oils Stop Leak Engine and Gear Oil Treatment
Comma Engine Flush Oil Additive for Petrol & Diesel Engines
Wynns HPLS Transmission Treatment (+ Stop Leak Properties)
Wynns Stop Smoke for Oil - Petrol & Diesel Engines
Wynns Automatic Transmission Flush
WYNNS Engine Oil Stop Leak
Wynns Hydraulic Valve Lifter Concentrate
JLM BorTec Friction Reduction Oil Additive
Wynns Petrol Total Action Treatment
Wynns Total Action Diesel Cleaner
Wynns Total Action Petrol Cleaner
Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser
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Lucas Oil Pure Synthetic Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser
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Isopon Leak Stop For Petrol Tanks Radiators & Sumps
Kalimex JLM Engine Oil Flush
Revive Turbo Cleaner & Power Restorer Preventatice Treatment Service Shot
Wynns CV Super Charge Oil Treatment
Wynns CV Starter Kit (Inc. Free Display)
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STP Engine Flush - Petrol & Diesel Engines


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Wynns Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment


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Wynns Engine Treatment for High Performance Petrol & Diesel Engines
Wynns Oil System Cleaner


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