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Castrol Bike
STP Complete Petrol Fuel System Cleaner (50400EN)
STP Diesel Injector Cleaner (59200EN)
STP Power Steering Fluid

354ml (12oz)

Opie Price
Price Beater
STP Professional A/C Charging Gun with Gauge (GID02020EN)
AC Pro Air-Con Test Thermometer (GID02023EN)
STP Diesel Treatment (54200EN)
STP Complete Diesel Fuel System Cleaner (65400EN)
STP Power Booster - Petrol Fuel Additive
STP Diesel Treatment with Anti-Gel (55200EN)
STP Carb Cleaner Spray for carburettor, - Professional Series
STP Super Seal Air-Con Stop Leak (GID02002EN)
STP Auto Air-Con Cleaner (GST23150EN)
STP Brake Cleaner (72500ENP)
STP Multi Foaming Cleanser (81500ML)
STP Son Of A Gun Protectant (97211EN)
STP Professional Engine Degreaser (ST73500ENP)
STP Petrol Treatment (51200EN)
STP Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaner (53200EN)

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STP products available from Opie Oils

We have a great range of STP products, all at great prices!

For over 60 years, and for more miles than anyone can count, STP has been one of the most trusted names in automotive care.

Car enthusiasts, “Do-it-Yourselfers” and professional racers rely on STP oil additives, fuel additives and brake and power steering fluids to keep their vehicles running better longer.

And they count on STP automotive appearance products to keep their vehicles looking great, too.

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