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Castrol Bike

10w-40 Van & LGV Engine Oil


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Modified Vehicle Recommendations
Castrol MAGNATEC 10W-40 A3/B4 Synthetic Technology Car Engine Oil
Fuchs TITAN UNIMAX ULTRA MC 10W-40 Diesel Engine Oil
RRP £34.56
Price Beater
Fuchs TITAN Cargo Maxx 10W-40 XTL Engine Oil
Opie Price
Price Beater
Mobil Delvac Light Commercial Vehicle E 10w-40
Opie Price
Price Beater
Millers Truckmaster LD 10w-40 E7, CI-4, SL Engine Oil
Opie Price
Price Beater
Millers Trucksynth LE 10w-40 E9, E7, E6, CI-4, SL Engine Oil
Opie Price
Price Beater

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Find a 10w-40 Van & LGV engine oil here

Great range of 10w40 engine oil / automotive lubricants for LGVs and vans

Opie Oils stock a large range of 10w40 Engine / Motor Oil perfect for your light goods vehicle or van. You'll find which grade of engine oil you need in your vehicle's handbook; we recommend that you stay with the recommended grade / viscosity. 

Engine oil plays a massive role in your vehicle's daily running. It lubricates, cools and cleans the internal motor components ensuring maximum protection and peak running performance... why settle for inferior oils when a high quality one will do so much more? A happy engine is more efficient and reliable so in turn will save you money.

Our oils have been hand picked by the Opie experts. Buy with confidence; we only stock oils we trust and would be happy to run in our own engines.

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