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Modified Vehicles
Fuchs Maintain Screen Wash & De-Icer - All Seasons - Concentrate
RRP £10.79
Price Beater
Gulf Concentrated Screen Wash - High Power Concentrate

1 Litre (Makes up to 4 Litres)

RRP £10.79
Price Beater
Motul Vision Expert Ultra Screen Wash - All Seasons - Concentrate
NAPA Screen Wash & De-Icer -10C Concentrate
Opie Price
Price Beater
NAPA Extreme Screen Wash & De-Icer -30C Concentrate
Opie Price
Price Beater

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Screen Wash for your Commercial Vehicle

Your windscreen is a very important part of your vehicle and you want to keep it as clear as possible with a screen wash to be safe

Make sure that you have enough screen wash and that it's not over diluted. Winter temperatures even in the UK can drop to below -20°c so putting in the correct dilution of screen wash will prevent your wiper fluid from freezing.

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