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Exocet Diesel Supreme - Fuel Additive (XO2021A)
Exocet Power Boost (XO2026A)
Exocet Diesel Power Restorer (XO2023A)
Exocet Anti-Wax - Anti-Waxing Diesel Additive (XO2024A)
Exocet Petrol Power Restorer (XO2035A)
Exocet Classic - Petrol Fuel Additive (XO2034A)
Exocet Petrol Supreme - Fuel Additive (XO2032A)
Exocet Bike Boost - Motorcycle Fuel Additive (XO2033A)
Exocet Octimax - Petrol Fuel Additive (XO2031A)
Exocet Rush 101 - High Performance Octance Booster (XO1976P)
Exocet SmartDrive - DPF Cleaner Fuel Additive (XO2025A)

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Exocet Automotive Fuel Additives from Opie Oils

Opie Oils are able to supply a range of exocet products for the automotive sector

Fuel additives for on-road vehicles are nothing new. From the late 1970s, however, it became increasingly apparent that engine design and technology was starting to outpace anything that was happening in fuel science at the refinery and engine manufacturers started to demand higher 'quality' fuels.

The outcome, as well as involving some different fuel blends at a refinery, involves extensive use of automotive fuel additives. Whether you operate a commercial vehicle or car, fuel additives should really be a fact of life in the 21st century: few, if any, modern engines and their associated exhaust treatment systems will operate at optimum performance for very long if they are only burning base fuel.

Automotive Fuel Additive Benefits:

  • Clean up and keep clean functionality in petrol and diesel aids power delivery and fuel economy
  • Octane and cetane boost to meet the needs of modern and/or high performance engines and satisfy manufacturers' expectations
  • Inhibits water pick up and resultant bug growth and/or corrosion issues in fuels with bio-components
  • Reduces emissions and satisfies MOT test requirements
  • Allows older vehicles to run on modern fuels

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