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Exocet Premium Heating Oil Additive (XO1410HO)
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Exocet Cooker Specialist Additive (XO1490TA)
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Exocet Gas Oil Extra (XO1248GO)
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Exocet Anti-Bug Protect for Storage Tanks (XO1948XB)
Exocet Gas Oil Conditioner for Commercial Vehicles (XO1258GO)
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Exocet MowerMate Fuel Additive (XO1984P)
Exocet Gas Oil Supreme (XO1249GO)
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Exocet Premium Heating Oil Additive Vanilla Fragrance (XO1479HO)
Exocet Marine Fuel Conditioner (XO1338M)
Exocet Premium Heating Oil Additive Lavender Fragrance (XO1413HO)
Free Shipping
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Exocet Premium Heating Oil Additive Cherry Fragrance (XO1505HO)
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Exocet Anti-Bug Killer for Storage Tanks (XO1945XB)
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Exocet Domestic & Industrial Fuel Additives from Opie Oils

Opie Oils are able to supply a range of exocet products for both the domestic and industrial sectors.


The UK and Ireland are almost unique in the world in using kerosene as a heating fuel, especially in domestic applications. Historically, this was a very clean fuel, readily available from the UK’s refineries and manufactured to a high specification relative to the standard.

Changes to the kerosene standard, notably the reduction in the fuel sulphur content, and changes to refinery economics have subsequently led to the rapid rise in the volume of imported kerosene which, directly or indirectly, have resulted in a number of inherent operating problems.

Domestic Fuel Additive Benefits:

  • Reduce carbon build up and sooting
  • Prevents solids build up tank bottoms
  • Prolongs the storage shelf life of fuel
  • Minimises fuel tank corrosion (steel tanks)
  • Reduces carbon emissions


Plant engineers of industrial operations are always under pressure to maximise plant availability reduce maintenance costs, optimise fuel use and generally contribute to the sustainability of the operation.

Boilers, furnaces, steam generators, heat and power generators, etc are all susceptible to changes in fuel quality and the efforts of fuel suppliers to blend ‘new’ and ‘exotic’ fuels within national fuel standards.

Industrial Fuel Additive Benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance cost and downtime
  • Burner and combustion chamber keep clean functionality
  • Water separation reduces load on fuel filters and potential damage to pumps and burners
  • Improved combustion efficiency reduces particulate and gaseous emissions
  • Deposit control leads to consistent combustion performance and overall improved fuel economy
  • Fuel stays fresher for longer
  • Reduced likelihood of microbial infection
  • All year round cold flow improvement

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