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Duckhams, the British oil brand, is well known and respected by classic car enthusiasts for it's high quality, green coloured motor oils. Many of the iconic car manufacturers that built the classic cars of today recommended the use of Duckhams lubricants in their engines and drivelines.

For over 100 years Duckhams have been at the forefront of global lubrication technology and their relationship with motorsport and classic cars is legendary. Today, they blend their unique experience and expertise with advanced, modern technology to create a truly remarkable brand.

By combining this long experience of oil production with modern blending technology, every green drop of Duckhams Oil will give your classic engine extra protection, in all conditions, helping you keep your cherished classic running beautifully.

Every drop is formulated to give excellent protection, in all conditions, from one oil change to the next. Whether you're a classic car enthusiast or modern-day motorist, you can have total confidence you're selecting a world-class oil.

Opie Oils is pleased to offer a variety of engine oils, gear oils and auxiliary fluids from this respected brand.