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Duckhams Hypoid 85w-140 Classic Gear Oil
RRP £9.95
Price Beater
Duckhams Hypoid 80w-90 Classic Gear Oil
Opie Price
Price Beater
Duckhams 90Z Classic Gear Oil
RRP £11.95
Price Beater

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Reintroducing the Classic Duckhams Gear Oil Range

As originally approved by leading classic car manufactures, the Duckhams Classic range is back. A classic car deserves a classic oil brand.

Duckhams range of classic gear oils provides your gearbox and differential with extra protection, in all conditions, from one oil change to the next. When you choose Duckhams you can be sure you’re selecting a truly remarkable oil.

We have a range of Classic oils to suit a wide range of classic cars. If you’re unsure which oil is right for your pride and joy, ask our experts.

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