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Motorcycle Chain Lubes

Top brand chain lubricants available here. We also have a range of chain cleaner products.

Opie Oils have a huge range of chain related products, from waxes to lubes. Have a browse or contact us for guidance.

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18 Products

Castrol Motorcycle Chain Lube Racing
Silkolene PRO CHAIN Fully Synthetic Racing Chain Lubricant
Motul MC Care C3 Chain Lube Off Road Motorcycle Spray
Fuchs Chain Lube - Tenacious Penetrant and Lubricant for all Chains
Motul MC Care C5 Chain Paste - Motorcycle Chain Lubricant
ELF MOTO Motorcycle Chain Lube
Power Maxed Chain Lube & Wax - Fling Resistant
Valvoline Synthetic Chain Lube

500ml Aerosol

Opie Price
Price Beater
Motul C2+ Chain Lube Road (PTFE)

400ml Aerosol

RRP £10.00
Price Beater
Motul Timber 120 Bar & Chain Oil
Was £5.95
Price Beater
Fenwicks Foaming Bike Chain Cleaner Aerosol (2391)
WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Lube (44074)
WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Wax (44143)
Motul MC Care C4 Factory Line Chain Lube Racing Motorcycle Spray
RRP £5.48
Price Beater
Motul MC Care C2 Chain Lube Road Motorcycle Spray
Fuchs Maxilube (Formerly Fuchs DWF 23) Professional Multi Purpose Lubricant
Motul MC Care P4 E.Z. Lube - Multipurpose Motorcycle Lubricant Spray
Silkolene Motorcycle Chain Lube

500ml Aerosol

RRP £13.06
Price Beater