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Motorcycle Chain Lubes

Top brand chain lubricants available here. We also have a range of chain cleaner products.

Opie Oils have a huge range of chain related products, from waxes to lubes. Have a browse or contact us for guidance.

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18 Products

WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Wax (44143)
Motul MC Care C4 Factory Line Chain Lube Racing Motorcycle Spray
Opie Price
Price Beater
Motul MC Care C5 Chain Paste - Motorcycle Chain Lubricant
ELF MOTO Motorcycle Chain Lube
Power Maxed Chain Lube & Wax - Fling Resistant
Valvoline Synthetic Chain Lube

500ml Aerosol

Opie Price
Price Beater
Motul C2+ Chain Lube Road (PTFE)

400ml Aerosol

Opie Price
Price Beater
Castrol Motorcycle Chain Lube Racing
Silkolene PRO CHAIN Fully Synthetic Racing Chain Lubricant
Motul MC Care C3 Chain Lube Off Road Motorcycle Spray
RRP £11.99
Price Beater
Motul MC Care C2 Chain Lube Road Motorcycle Spray
Fuchs Maxilube (Formerly Fuchs DWF 23) Professional Multi Purpose Lubricant
Motul MC Care P4 E.Z. Lube - Multipurpose Motorcycle Lubricant Spray
Silkolene Motorcycle Chain Lube

500ml Aerosol

RRP £13.06
Price Beater
Fuchs Chain Lube - Tenacious Penetrant and Lubricant for all Chains
Fenwicks Foaming Bike Chain Cleaner Aerosol (2391)
WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Lube (44074)