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Elf MOTO Motorcycle Oils

The Elf Motorcycle Range

Elf - the motorcycle, scooter and quad lubricants specialist - For Bike Maniacs

The ELF lubricant range benefits from the latest research and cutting edge technologies to guarantee engine protection, clutch performance and gearbox enhancement.

ELF MOTO motorcycle oils are a range of engine lubricants developed by Total and designed for motorcycles, scooters and quad bikes with two and four-stroke engines. The lubricants, including mineral, synthetic and additive oils, are designed to protect engine, gearbox and clutch components from friction, heat, oxidation and corrosion. This helps them perform effectively and efficiently while saving fuel and lowering emissions.

The long-lasting range has been developed alongside professional motorsports partners including MotoGP and is constantly being improved and innovated to guarantee cutting-edge engine protection and power.

What's more, ELF MOTO also meets High-Quality Motorcycle Engine Oil Conception for Fuel Saving, Japanese Automotive Standard Organisation, International Organization for Standardization, and American Petroleum Institute standards, ensuring complete dependability and complete quality.

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