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ELF MOTO 2 Tech Motorcycle Engine Oil
ELF MOTO 2 Off Road Motorcycle Engine Oil
ELF MOTO 2 Self Mix Motorcycle Engine Oil
ELF MOTO 2 Race Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil

4 Products

The ELF MOTO range features a wide range of oils for two-stroke engines, protecting them and making sure that components can work to produce as much power as possible.


  • MOTO 2 OFF ROAD – A high-quality, synthetic-based lubricant with optimised viscosity for flexible engine protection.
  • MOTO 2 RACE – Designed for the most powerful engines, the completely synthetic MOTO 2 RACE reduces friction and ensures that motorcycles can perform at their peak.
  • MOTO 2 SELF MIX – A formulated mineral oil for easy cold starts that can be used to protect a wide range of engines and motorcycles.
  • MOTO 2 TECH – Advanced new-generation lubrication with detergent additives for performance in the most testing conditions.
  • MOTO 2 GOLD – A multipurpose two-stroke motorcycle oil offering improved start-up and protection of components for a wide variety of motorcycles.


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