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Castrol - Win a chance to race Esteban Ocon

DIY Essentials

De-ionised Water by Top-Up Water for cooling systems, batteries and irons
Opie Price
Price Beater
Carlube General Purpose Handy Oil (XHH125)
Tetrion Heavy Duty Wallpaper Stripper (TWP500)
Tetrion Ready to use Sugar Soap Trigger (TSU502)
Tetrion Wood Hardener (TWH500)
Tetrion Ready-To-Use Brush Cleaner (BCL055)
Tetrion Fast Acting Mould & Mildew Remover (TMO500)
Tetrion Moisture Mate Moisture Absorber (SMM004)
Tetrion Xtreme Paint Stripper (PST512)
Tetrion Methylated Spirit (TMS500)
Tetrion White Spirit (TWH750)
Tetrion Instant Primer Bonder 4in1 Spray - 1LTR   (TPR001)
Alpha Heavy Duty Black Refuse Sacks - Two Rolls of 50
Granville Heavy Duty Black Industrial Refuse Sacks x25
KOMMERLING Sealant Nozzles - Pack of 100
Wheel Speed Sensor  | HELLA 6PU 012 679-411
Bilt Hamber Xylene - Powerful Paint Thinner
Opie Price
Price Beater
CarPlan De-Ionised Water

25 Litres

Opie Price
Price Beater
Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinners (5084918)
Polygard Nitro-Cellulose Thinner - for Paints / Primers (MIS42305)
Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinners (5084920)
Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinners (5084921)
Power-Tec Gluematic Glue Gun (91237)
Faithfull Post/Pipe Spirit Level (FAIPOST)
Stanley Pocket Tape - 16'/5m Loose - 19mm Blade (STA130696N)
Stanley Pocket Tape - 26'/8m Loose - 25mm Blade (STA130656N)
Bulldog All Steel No.2 Square Shovel 310 x 250mm (BUL5SM2AM)
Bulldog All Steel Taper Shovel 310 x 250mm (BUL5TM2AM)
Laser Tape Measure - 5m (5913)
Bulldog Cable Laying Shovel 280 x 114mm (BUL5CLMYD)
Record Irwin E Workshop Vice - 4in./100mm - 1 Tonne (REC1TONE)
Stanley Fatmax Tape - 26'/8m (STA033726)
Stanley Fatmax Tape - 32'/10m (STA033805)
Stanley Fatmax Tape - 16'/5m (STA033719)
Hultafors Professional Spirit Level - 100cm (HULPV100)
Hultafors Professional Spirit Level - 60cm (HULPV60)
Stanley Pocket Tape - 10'/3m Loose - 13mm Blade (STA130686N)
Bulldog All Steel Trenching Shovel 290 x 225mm (BUL5TSAM)
Bulldog Taper Shovel 310 x 250mm (BUL5TM2MYD)
Record Irwin No.3 Mechanics Vice - 4in./100mm (REC3)
Faithfull Cold Chisel - 6in. x 1/2in. (FAI612)
Faithfull Cold Chisel - 8in. x 1/2in. (FAI812)
Faithfull Cold Chisel - 8in. x 3/4in. (FAI834)
Faithfull Cold Chisel - 9in. x 1in. (FAI91)
Faithfull Cold Chisel - 10in. x 3/4in. (FAI1034)
Faithfull Cold Chisel - 10in. x 1in. (FAI101)
Lufkin Special Long Tape Measure - 33'/10m (LUFLS10CME)
Lufkin Special Long Tape Measure - 100'/30m (LUFLS30CME)
Bulldog All Steel Grafting Shovel 320 x 165mm (BUL5GTAM)
Stanley Fatmax Xtreme Torpedo Level - 10in./250mm (STA043609)
Granville Metal Cartridge Gun - Sealant & Adhesive Applicator
Power-Tec Touch Up Tips (91452)
U-POL Maximm Overspray Masking Film - 4m Roll (MFILM/B150)
U-POL High Performance Tack Cloth (TRAG/10)

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