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Performance Engine Oils

Injector Cleaner

Injector Cleaner is a fuel additive designed to neutralise the negative effects of water in fuel. Use an injector cleaner to increase the efficiency of the combustion process, resulting in fewer emissions and better fuel economy.
Millers Oils Diesel Injector Cleaner
Motul Diesel System Clean Auto - Injector & Fuel System Cleaner
Redex Petrol Injector Cleaner (RADD2101A)
Millers Oils Petrol Injector Cleaner
Power Maxed Petrol Injector Cleaner Fuel Treatment
Comma Petrol Magic Fuel Additive & Injector Cleaner
Redex Petrol Fuel System Cleaner (RADD1501A)
Wheel Speed Sensor  | HELLA 6PU 012 679-521
Wheel Speed Sensor  | HELLA 6PU 012 679-531
Wheel Speed Sensor  | HELLA 6PU 012 679-541
Kalimex JLM Petrol Emission Reduction Treatment
Motul Fuel System Clean Auto - Car & Boat Fuel System Cleaner Additive
Power Maxed Diesel Injector Cleaner Fuel Treatment
STP Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaner (53200EN)
STP Diesel Injector Cleaner (59200EN)
Comma Diesel Magic Fuel Additive & Injector Cleaner
10K Boost Diesel Injector Cleaner (1435A)
10K Boost Petrol Injector Cleaner (1434)
Comma Diesel D-Tox Fuel System & Injector Cleaner
Comma Petrol D-Tox Combustion Chamber & Fuel System Cleaner
Wynns Injector Cleaner For Diesel Engines (51668A)
Wynns Injector Cleaner For Petrol Engines (55964)

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