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Pliers & Cutters

Laser Side Cutters - 6in./150mm (4819)
Laser Circlip Pliers Set - 2 Piece - Internal/external (5215A)
Laser Hose Cutter (6135)
Laser Combination Pliers - 7in./175mm (4822A)
Laser Plastic Riveter - 40 Rivets (5494A)
Laser Bent Nose Pliers - 150mm (5909B)
Laser Clutch Master Cylinder Pliers - VAG (6573)
Laser Tube Cutter - 3mm-28mm (5318A)
Laser Fuel Line Disconnect Pliers (5163A)
Laser Lock Ring Pliers Straight Head (5118E)
Laser Hose Clamp Pliers 0 - 38mm (5899)
Laser Hose Clamp Pliers 22 - 55mm (5900)
Laser Micro Side Cutters - 120mm (6013)
Laser Long Nose Pliers - 130mm (6015)
Laser Long Nose Pliers - 150mm (6014)
Laser Bent Nose Pliers - 150mm (6016)
Laser Circlip Pliers - Internal/External (5101D)
Laser Exhaust Hanger Removal Tool (5158A)
Faithfull Plastic Pipe Cutter (FAIPPC42)
Laser Long Nose Pliers - 6in./150mm (4817)
Laser Hog Ring Pliers (4591A)
Laser Exhaust Pipe Cutter - 19mm - 83mm (5412B)
Kamasa Water Pump Pliers - 240mm (55991)
Laser Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers (4024A)
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Opie Price
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Laser CV Joint Puller (4719)
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Opie Price
Price Beater
Laser Circlip Pliers - Internal/External (4926A)
Laser Nut Splitter No.2 (0305A)
Laser Nut Splitter No.3 (0306)
Kamasa Water Pump Pliers - 400mm (55992)
Laser Pipe Bender (4919B)
Laser Mini Pipe/Tube Cutter (2160)
Laser Trim Removal Tool 10 In 1 (2373A)
Laser Long Nose Pliers - 8in./200mm (4818A)
Laser Circlip Pliers - External (2911A)
Laser Circlip Pliers - Internal (2912A)
Laser Pliers - Inside Bent Nose Snap Ring (2913)
Laser Pliers - Outside Bent Nose Snap Ring (2914)
Laser Circlip Pliers - External Straight - 300mm (6310)
Laser VDE Side Cutters 150mm (5912A)
Laser Automatic Wire Stripper (1336)
Laser Wire Twisting Pliers - 6in./150mm (2722A)
Laser Crimping Pliers with Spring Jaws (3777A)
Laser Pliers Set - 3 piece (0683A)
Laser Crimping Pliers and Terminals (2578)
Laser Internal Bent Nose Snap Ring Pliers (4739)
Laser Crimping Pliers (0209B)
Laser Hose Clamp Pliers - 2 Piece (3305)
Laser Side Cutters - 140mm (5896A)
Laser Side Cutters - 160mm (5897B)
Laser Combination Pliers - 160mm (5888A)
Laser Side Cutters - 160mm (5891A)
Laser Side Cutters - 180mm (5892A)
Laser Combination Pliers - 180mm (5889)
Laser Long Nose Pliers - 200mm (5894A)
Laser End Cutter Pliers - 200mm (5895)
Laser Combination Pliers - 200mm (5890)
Laser Water Pump Pliers - 250mm (5898)
Laser Hose Clamp Pliers Angle Swivel Jaws (4231A)
Laser Hose Clip Pliers (3881A)
Laser Hose Clip Pliers Long Reach - Type R Clips (5563C)
Laser Nut Cap Remover (4586A)
Laser Soft Pipe Cutter (2829)

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