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Fuel System Cleaners

Fuel System Cleaners are developed with advanced formulas to help clean fuel injectors, carburettors, intake valves and ports, combustion chambers, cylinder heads and piston tops. When used regularly, they can help to remove harmful deposits and also prevent new ones from forming.


Benefits include: Restoring lost power and acceleration | Dispersing moisture | Improving fuel economy | Reducing rough idle and hesitation | Restoring octane / cetane requirements

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18 Products

Motul Diesel System Clean Auto - Injector & Fuel System Cleaner
Comma Petrol D-Tox Combustion Chamber & Fuel System Cleaner
Valvoline Diesel System Cleaner
Kalimex JLM Diesel Extreme Clean (J02360)
Motul Fuel System Clean Auto - Car & Boat Fuel System Cleaner Additive
Valvoline Petrol System Cleaner V1
RED LINE SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner
Wynn's Xtreme Diesel System Clean - Powerful 'One Tank' Clean-Up
Wynns Fuel Biocide For Petrol & Diesel (10601A)
STP Complete Diesel Fuel System Cleaner (65400EN)
STP Complete Petrol Fuel System Cleaner (50400EN)
Wynns Air Intake, Carburettor & Throttle Valve Cleaner
VP Racing Madditive Fuel System Cleaner

16oz (473ml) Bottle

RRP £15.00
Price Beater
STP Petrol Treatment (51200EN)
Redex Diesel Fuel System Cleaner - 250ml with 100% Extra Free (RADD2201A)
Wynns Catalytic Converter & Lambda Cleaner
Wynns Xtreme Petrol System Clean (29764A)
Comma Diesel D-Tox Fuel System & Injector Cleaner