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Anti Roll Bar

Anti Roll Bars & Components

Browse our range of Anti Roll Bars & Components here at Opie Oils

The anti-roll bar (also known as a stabiliser bar or sway bar) is a square U-shaped bar that connects to the suspension at each end of the axle via the control arms. Their role is to resist torsion when the wheels on each side of a vehicle move and to inhibit body roll on corners.

Over time anti-roll bars can weaken or even wear out completely, and as a crucial safety component of your vehicle they should only be replaced with high quality parts to ensure effectiveness and longevity.

Here at Opie Oils we offer a wide range of Anti-Roll Bars & Components including Anti-Roll Bar Kits, Bushes and Links. Parts are available from respected and established manufacturers with more parts being added all the time. If you need help choosing the correct part for your vehicle, feel free to use our Vehicle Lookup or contact us - we are happy to help.

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