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PETRONAS are the national oil corporation of Malaysia & offer a extensive range of high-quality engine lubricants to over 100 markets globally, putting them amongst the world’s leading suppliers of car oil.

Your car oil is there to keep your engine working at its very best, protecting the internal parts from any damage, so selecting the right oil for you (and keeping it topped up) is an essential for any car owner. As one of the top global suppliers of engine lubricants, PETRONAS car oil is a great choice.

Here at Opie Oils, we are proud to offer the full PETRONAS Syntium range. This range is the official technology partner to the championship-winning Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One team – with PETRONAS Syntium, advanced technology, top quality and peak performance is assured.

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PETRONAS Syntium 5000 FR 5W-20 Fully Synthetic Car Engine Oil
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What are the lines in the PETRONAS range?

We stock several PETRONAS car oil lines here at Opie Oils, offering Syntium 800, Syntium 3000, Syntium 5000, Syntium 7000 and Syntium Racer.
Each line varies in viscosity, working temperature and suitability for use with both diesel and petrol, ensuring that there is a product suitable for every vehicle.

Why use synthetic car oils?

Many of the products within the PETRONAS Syntium range are manufactured synthetically.
Once reserved for use in high-performance vehicles, synthetic car oils have become far more mainstream in recent years due to the many benefits that they offer.
Synthetic oils have been found to be more resistant to oil breakdown than conventional oil, making them longer-lasting. They are also more effective when working in both low and high temperatures, keeping engines running and resisting engine wear in a range of conditions.
Of course, this is only the case if synthetic oils are specifically recommended in your car’s make and model. If you’re not sure whether your car can use synthetic oil, you can find your recommended car engine oil here.

Has PETRONAS received manufacturer approval?

PETRONAS has received manufacturer approval from several of the world’s leading car manufacturers, including Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, VW, Ford, Volvo, Renault and many more.
In addition, PETRONAS car oils meet or exceed the requirements given by several more top manufacturers.

What is PETRONAS’ CoolTech formulation?

PETRONAS Syntium’s trademark CoolTech formulation is an innovation in car oil manufacturing.
Excessive engine heat is a common problem and a leading cause of engine damage over time. PETRONAS CoolTech has been specially formulated to fight these effects by directing excess heat away from critical engine parts, decreasing the likelihood of engine damage and helping to extend the lifespan of the vehicle overall.

How many oil changes can be carried out using one bottle of PETRONAS car oil?

The average passenger car requires an oil change once every six months, using between 3 and 7 litres each time depending on the size of the car, with regular top ups performed as required between services.

At Opie Oils, we stock PETRONAS oils in a variety of sizes, with bottles starting at 1 litre and sizing up to 20 litres.