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Air Conditioning Fluid

Air conditioning fluid is crucial in maintaining the safety and performance of your vehicle's air con system. For example, replacing or recharging your refrigerant is beneficial to avoiding damage, costly repairs, and keeping your vehicle's air conditioning running smoothly. It also has the bonus of increasing fuel efficiency too. 

Air con refrigerant works by flowing around the system and cooling down the air con compressor, which ensures your a/c system pumps out cool air to the cabin when you need it. If this gas runs low, you will get less or weaker cool air, which is when it's time to refill the gas in your compressor to avoid future problems.

Leaks in your air con system can be problematic and sometimes you might not be aware there is a problem, which can lead to future problems in your air con unit and reduce its effectiveness. For hot and cold climates it's important your vehicle has reliable, optimally performing air conditioning. Sometimes it can be too difficult to notice these leaks, which is where an Air Con UV Leak Tracer Fluid is extremely helpful, quickly and easily identifying any air con leaks in your car.

We also offer a variety of PAG oils (Polyalkylene glycol) or compressor lubricants, which are used to keep your air con system lubricated. They are specifically designed for automotive air conditioner compressors, preventing problems such as leaks, burning smells, noises and general performance issues.

We stock a range of air conditioning fluid from respected and established manufacturers who pride themselves on high-quality standards. 

Feel free to contact us for advice on finding the right air con fluid for your needs - we are happy to help.

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7 Products

MRL-85 Vehicle Air Con Premium Refrigerant Lubricant
Opie Price
Price Beater
Elke R134a & HFO1234yf Universal PAG Oil for Hybrid Systems (42-0022)
Elke PAG ISO 100 Compressor Oil for Automotive Air Con Systems HFO1234yf (41-1038)
Cooling Edge MRL 85 Universal Oil / UV Dye Mix for CTR / Denso (CE91067BCTRA)
MRL-85 Vehicle Air Con Premium Refrigerant Lubricant with Glo-Lleak
STP Air Con Recharge - R134a Refrigerant (AC02001EN)
STP Air Con Recharge - R234YF Refrigerant (AC00090EN)