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Engine Oil by Grade / Viscosity

Find the right motor oil grade for your car

We stock a massive range of motor oils for any car, categorised into a massive range of grades / viscosities.

All of our Motor Oil is hand picked by the Opie Experts, we only stock motor oils we'd be happy to run in our own cars.

Multi-grade motor oils have a viscosity rating made up of 2 numbers, indicating that the oil has different flow characteristics when it is cold from when it is hot.

The viscosity rating of a multi-grade oil is broken down into two parts:

  • The number before the W is the "winter" or "cold start" rating. The lower the number the thinner the oil. This allows quick flow when the engine is started cold (cold crank). 90% of engine wear happens at this time due to the engine running in a dry state. 
  • The second number is the viscosity rating of the oil at 100 C. The higher the number the thicker the oil. If the oil is too thick for the temperatures your engine is running at, the oil will not circulate freely. If it's too thin, it may not lubricate effectively. 

If these numbers mean nothing to you, try our online Car Motor Oil recommendation instead!

Or if you have a modified / track vehicle, why no ask the Opie Experts for a Personal Car Motor Oil recommendation instead!

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