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Febi Bilstein 75W Gearbox Oil / Manual Transmission Fluid GL-4 | 21829
Fuchs TITAN SINTOFLUID FE SAE 75W Synthetic Manual Transmission Oil
Motul Multi DCTF Synthetic Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid (Dry & Wet)
Millers Oils TRX Synth 75w Fully Synthetic Transmission Oil
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Comma MV MTF Plus 75w Fully Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid
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VW G 052 178 (TL 521 78) Manual Gear Oil Specification

Looking for VW G 052 178 (TL 521 78) Gear Oil? We've a massive range of transmission lubricants to choose from

VW G 052 178 (TL 521 78) is a specification for manual transmission fluid. If you know that your manual gear box requires a VW TL 521 78 manual transmission fluid / gearbox oil, purchase online here.

Replacing your VW gearbox oil is a surprising straight forward task that is commonly overlooked, there's nothing to be scared of, infact replacing gear oil is normally a very similar process to changing engine oil.

Running a high quality gear lubricant not only ensures smooth gear change but is vital for the protection of internal components and gear faces / teeth. Even if your VW states it's fill for life, you'll quite often find it still has a drain an replacement time scale in your handbook

If you're unsure if Volkswagen TL 521 78 is correct for your application, or have a modified or unique Volkswagen Vehicle why not ask the Opie Experts for a Custom Gear Oil recommendation.

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