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Dexron-VI was introduced in 2005, with specific additives that provide improved shift feel, friction durability and oxidative stability. All Dexron-III licenses expired permanently at the end of 2006, and GM now supports only Dexron-VI fluids for use in their automatic transmissions, although fluids asserted by their manufacturers to meet Dexron-III standards continue to be sold under names such as Dex/Merc. These fluids are not regulated or endorsed by GM.

Dexron VI is of a slightly lower viscosity when new compared to the prior Dexron fluids, but it's more sheer stable (due to higher quality base stocks) than previous Dexron oils. The lower viscosity lends itself to performance and fuel economy gains. The current GM specification that defines the fluid is GMW16444, which superseded the original specification, GMN10060.

The majority of oils listed in this section are officially licensed under the GM DEXRON® licensing programme.

If you're unsure which DEXRON VI Oil is correct for your application, or have a modified or unique vehicle feel free to get in touch for a custom gear oil recommendation.

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9 Products

Comma MV ATF Plus Fully Synthetic Automatic Transmission & Power Steering Fluid
EXOPRO AUTO-TRANS D VI - Fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid
On Sale
Was £37.99
Price Beater
Motul ATF VI Fully Synthetic Automatic Transmission & Power Steering Fluid
Fuchs TITAN ATF 6006 Ultra High Performance ATF
Total Fluidmatic LV MV Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF
Mobil ATF Multi-Vehicle Premium Fully Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
On Sale
Was £14.95
Price Beater
Amsoil Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic ATF
Febi Bilstein 32600 Automatic Transmission Fluid - Dexron VI / MB 236.41 ATF
Febi Bilstein 32605 Automatic Transmission Fluid - Dexron VI / MB 236.41 ATF