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10w30 Motorcycle Gear Oil

Purchase 10w30 4 Stroke Motorbike Gear Oil - suitable for Wet Clutch applications. Having a Wet Clutch actually means that the clutch and plates are immersed in oil - the same motor oil as your engine, sharing the same oil. The oil flows through the engine and clutch, lubricating, cooling & cleaning as it goes both internal engine and clutch components alike. Motorbike oils that are suited to "wet clutches" have special additive packages within them to cope with the extra strain of operating in this manner, plus they have friction modifiers to prevent clutch slip, if you were to add the same grade car oil you'd find it almost impossible to ride without your clutch constantly slipping.

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4 Products

Red Line V-Twin Primary Synthetic Case Oil with Shockproof
Motul Transoil 10w-30 Mineral EP Motorcycle Wet Clutch Gear Oil
Castrol POWER1 4T 10W-30 Semi Synthetic 4 Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil