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15w Fork Oil - Medium Heavy Weight

Getting the correct hydraulic fork oil / fluid is vital not only for the health of your forks' delicate internals and seals, but also massively effects your ride comfort.

If your manufacturer recommends a 15w medium-heavy hydraulic fork fluid / oil then it's because that oil offers the correct viscosity and damping, which effects the resistance within the flow of oil inside your fork... basically it boils down to, the heavier the weight or higher viscosity, the higher movement resistance the oil has. It is commonly understood the heavier or higher viscosity a oil has the more stable and stiff the fork becomes, however the weight of your bike and the way in which your bike is used really muddies that theory, fork weight can sometimes just come down to personal preference.

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3 Products

Castrol Fork Oil 15w
Millers Oils Classic Shock Oil 46 (Heavy)
Motul Fork Oil Expert 15w - Medium Heavy - Motorcycle Suspension Fluid