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Garden Oils & Fluids

Opie oils stocks a select range of garden and agricultural oils and fluids that are designed to meet the unique needs of garden machinery, including chainsaws and lawn mowers.

12 Products

Castrol Garden 4T 10w-30 Engine Oil
Castrol Garden 2T - 2 Stroke Garden Equipment Engine Oil
Castrol Garden Chainsaw Oil
Granville Garden 4T Lawnmower Oil (3850C)
Comma TransFlow ML 10w-30 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil
Opie Price
Price Beater
Motul Garden 2T Semi Synthetic Technosynthese Lubricant
Was £7.99
Price Beater
Millers Oils Chain Saw Oil ISO 100 SAE 30
Opie Price
Price Beater
Fuchs Agrifarm Universal 2T 2 Stroke Oil - Synthetic Fortified
Opie Price
Price Beater
Fuchs AGRIFARM Chain Saw Oil Medium
Opie Price
Price Beater
Amsoil Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil SAE 5W-30
Fuchs Chain Lube - Tenacious Penetrant and Lubricant for all Chains
Granville Chainsaw Oil (0429B)