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Millers Oils Chain Saw Oil ISO 100 SAE 30
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Castrol Garden 2T - 2 Stroke Garden Equipment Engine Oil
Fuchs Chainlube - Tenacious Penetrant and Lubricant for all Chains
HyperDrive AgriDrive KX+ SAE30 Four Stroke Super Mineral Engine Oil
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Castrol Garden 4T SAE 30 Engine Oil
Granville Chainsaw Oil (0429B)
Granville Garden 4T Lawnmower Oil (3850C)
Castrol Garden 2T One Shot Engine Oil
Castrol Garden Chainsaw Oil
Fuchs Agrifarm Universal 2 Stroke - Synthetic Fortified
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Fuchs AGRIFARM Chain Saw Oil Medium
Opie Price
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Amsoil Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil SAE 5W-30

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Oils for Chainsaws, Lawn Mowers & gardening machinery

Opie oils stocks a select range of garden and agricultural oils and fluids that are designed to meet the unique needs of garden machinery.

If you need a Lawn Mower SPARK / GLOW PLUG(s) then use the GARDEN & AGRICULTURAL NGK LOOKUP guide HERE to find the part reference number then use our search bar at the top or get in touch with the Opie team to purchase your plugs.  

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